Monif - 09.30.09

Remember Aja Davis’ bootcamp that I’ve been RAVING about lately? See the last post.


So Aja Davis’ is changing the name of her bootcamp to the New Body Bootcamp, and Aja is giving Monif C. customers $100 off their first month of bootcamp AND a FREE Monif C. dress! 

Aja emailed me over her “pitch” regarding the benefits of her bootcamp, if you are looking to sign up, don’t delay!

*1) You will burn A TON of calories in bootcamp. (Monif WHOLEHEARTEDLY agrees)

2) We guarantee results. In fact after you graduate our 12 month “Fit for
Life” Program, if you ever get out of shape again, we will train you for
free until you get back to your graduation weight. (Monif says WORD?)

3) Monif C. dress guarantee. When you graduate, we will buy you a Monif C. dress to go with your new wardrobe! (Monif says SWEEXY!)

4) This is a life style changing program. We work with you so that you can
lose weight, eat better, and KEEP IT OFF. No fads. Not only do you get to
work with highly skilled train (ers, you have access to a holistic
nutritionist who will walk you step by step on how to eat right for your
body and lifestyle. You will get all the support you need and questions
answered. In fact we are working on a structured program where everyone will
get to participate in nutrition counseling sessions twice a month.

5) Everyone gets to try it out for 1 week free. no obligation to sign up.
all classes are 1 hr long

Class Schedule and locations: 3rd Ave & Union 6:30am, 9:30am M-W-F, 8am Sat
Ft Greene Paul Robeson Theatre 6:30pm-7:30pm M-T-W-Th*

Go to to sign up. You can also email aja (at) to sign up!

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