Monif - 05.16.07

Hey everyone, I have been promising to post on this blog for weeks, and I am finally getting to it. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a human calculator, basically trying to compute and problem solve a million things at once, so I rarely get time to sit down and devote any amount of time to o

ne solitary activity. I figured though it was time to drop a few lines about my crazy existence and the goings on of Monif C.

Well, we have a big announcement coming in a few weeks…for a hint, check out the Boutiques page on our site :-) …so with this new “project”, I am actually in the middle of moving from the middle of the burbs in New Jersey to the Jersey City, NJ area. I am not at the point right now where I could buy a home (got too many movementations going on these days), so I decided to rent for a year or so. So for all of you folks in the Jersey City/Hudson County area, WHY didn’t anyone tell me that the rental market is CRAZY! Now I knew it wasn’t cheap to live in JC given it’s proximity to New York, but talk highway-friggin-robbery…$1400 for a 1-bedroom APARTMENT!!! Most people’s mortgage is less than that…I’ll need to sell a kidney to stay in JC!

I went to go see an apartment yesterday and it just showed me how effortlessly people make money. My new potential landlord (nice guy he seems) apparently has about 6 brownstones in JC with about 18 apartments total. On avg, he charges $1800 for each apartment (some have more than one bedroom). Ummmm…math lesson…$1800 X 18= $32,400/per month, $388,800/year…can you IMAGINE picking up nearly half a million dollars in PASSIVE income yearly!!! Why the HECK did I decide to go into fashion? Lugging bolts of fabric, late nights changing patterns, and weekend photo shoot marathons that include 10 hour days do not hold up against half a million dollars…And these landlords have balls too…I almost died when he told me that the dishwasher in the kitchen doesn’t work and he has no intention of fixing it…the apartment is apparently “as-is”…Listen, no one has to tell me I am in the wrong business for sure…

Oh, and by the way Mr. Jersey Avenue Landlord, I really didn’t mean the “balls” comment…I really need that apartment pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease… Your new tenant Monif…smooches.

Well, with that being said, I still haven’t finalized my apartment situation and I might really not have an apartment after this, so if any of my lovelies out there know of any apartment leads near the Grove Street station in JC, EMAIL ME PRONTO,!

Look for that announcement soon!