Monif - 11.04.07

and other important truths…

We love you guys. No really, we do. As usual, you ladies are systematically fabulous in your Monif C pieces and we are absolutely compelled to show you off!

So we proudly present….

Monif C. Girl Mondays!

Just one of many ways we want to say thanks and kudos, every Monday, we’ll post pics of you guys in Monif C. pieces on the blog.

Why? Because we loves ya (did we mention that already?).

See our Monif C Girl on the left...

Our glowing Monif C girl in the middle rocking a two-tone Marilyn convertible dress on her B-day…and killing the competion, I might add.

On the left, a stunning Ms.Rachael at a friend’s wedding in the ‘Nelli’ Ruched Dress. Don’t hurt ‘em, Rae!

If you were to ask our consultant, Adrienne, why she chose to wear the Marilyn convertible dress so beautifully on this particular Autumn day, she would tell you: ” The color red always makes me feel accomplished and I kind of wanted to be a little sultry but also comfortable today…plus it’s cold, and I didn’t want to shave my legs.”

Sigh. It’s called ‘mystery,’ Adrienne; you should try it sometime, hee hee.

She couldn’t quite put her finger on it, but she was convinced–something was different about today’s board meeting…Psych. Some of our Monif C girls just happen to be models too! This young lady works the runway in the ‘Diva’ Dress at the Art of Curves fashion show in NYC this past September.

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of the series, but here’s the thing; the only way to keep it going is to send us more pics of you! So next time you put on that Monif C. piece, glance at your reflection and can’t help but think ” I am inordinately gorgeous today,” pause , take a quick pic, and send it to:!

Stay Curvy,


Monif - 10.30.07

…and other important truths.

Hello, my curvaceous lovlies! Long time, no hear! As always, life has been non-stop for me and haven’t had a moment to write, but couldn’t go another day without updating you all on the wildness that is well…moi.

Well when we last left off, I was in search of a fabulous new apartment in Jersey City. Jersey City didn’t have space for little ole’ me, so I picked an even better spot, Union City/Weehawken…if anyone knows about the Blvd. East view into the city, you know I am a happy girl! Who cares if the woman who lives above me prefers to march (perhaps a more appropriate word would be ‘stomp’) back and forth across her apartment? What does it matter that she wakes up before the sun—every morning? I have a beautiful garden and a gorgeous space, so you’ll hear no complaints from this girl.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch…

The Boutique, the boutique!! I am having a wonderful (albeit wildly busy) time here and it’s all because of you guys! I have never had such a huge opportunity to meet, talk to and laugh with my Monif C. girls. Just as I always suspected, you guys are fabulous! If you haven’t had a chance to come in and shop or visit me, please do; I can’t wait to meet as many of you as I can! One (of many) definite perks about being in the Monif C. Boutique daily? I can see what you guys are in l-o-v-e with!

Customers are lovin’:

The Nelli Ruched Dress…

The ‘Marilyn’ Convertible Dress..

The ‘Goddess’ Dress…

Just a few examples of some happy customers…feel free to send in your pics too!

That’s all for now, write to you soon!

Stay curvy,


Monif - 10.30.07

…and other important truths.

Objectively speaking, we have the best Monday’s ever.

On Monday, around 3:30pm, in walks Ms. Tammy and she’s basically just like you and me– funny, stylish, and curvy. Only difference? She happens to have walked into our lil’ boutique with a camera crew!

Oh really, Tammy?

Turns out that Tammy is actually being profiled by TLC’s hit show, ’10 Years Younger.’ She’s had gastric bypass surgery, she’s getting ready for her high school reunion and now, she is ready for a new, fresh look.

‘New, fresh look’ for the plus-size girl?

You know what it is, ladies–Monif C., all day!

Tammy considered a few great selections:

The ‘Selma’ Armhole Mini Dress,

The Marilyn Convertible Dress

(in a few different ways…)

Much like Pringles–just one version of the convertible is not enough.

So, which dress will Tammy choose? You’ll just have to watch…

Stay Curvy,


Monif - 05.16.07

Hey everyone, I have been promising to post on this blog for weeks, and I am finally getting to it. Anyone who knows me knows that I am a human calculator, basically trying to compute and problem solve a million things at once, so I rarely get time to sit down and devote any amount of time to o

ne solitary activity. I figured though it was time to drop a few lines about my crazy existence and the goings on of Monif C.

Well, we have a big announcement coming in a few weeks…for a hint, check out the Boutiques page on our site :-) …so with this new “project”, I am actually in the middle of moving from the middle of the burbs in New Jersey to the Jersey City, NJ area. I am not at the point right now where I could buy a home (got too many movementations going on these days), so I decided to rent for a year or so. So for all of you folks in the Jersey City/Hudson County area, WHY didn’t anyone tell me that the rental market is CRAZY! Now I knew it wasn’t cheap to live in JC given it’s proximity to New York, but talk highway-friggin-robbery…$1400 for a 1-bedroom APARTMENT!!! Most people’s mortgage is less than that…I’ll need to sell a kidney to stay in JC!

I went to go see an apartment yesterday and it just showed me how effortlessly people make money. My new potential landlord (nice guy he seems) apparently has about 6 brownstones in JC with about 18 apartments total. On avg, he charges $1800 for each apartment (some have more than one bedroom). Ummmm…math lesson…$1800 X 18= $32,400/per month, $388,800/year…can you IMAGINE picking up nearly half a million dollars in PASSIVE income yearly!!! Why the HECK did I decide to go into fashion? Lugging bolts of fabric, late nights changing patterns, and weekend photo shoot marathons that include 10 hour days do not hold up against half a million dollars…And these landlords have balls too…I almost died when he told me that the dishwasher in the kitchen doesn’t work and he has no intention of fixing it…the apartment is apparently “as-is”…Listen, no one has to tell me I am in the wrong business for sure…

Oh, and by the way Mr. Jersey Avenue Landlord, I really didn’t mean the “balls” comment…I really need that apartment pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease… Your new tenant Monif…smooches.

Well, with that being said, I still haven’t finalized my apartment situation and I might really not have an apartment after this, so if any of my lovelies out there know of any apartment leads near the Grove Street station in JC, EMAIL ME PRONTO,!

Look for that announcement soon!


Monif - 04.18.07

Hey everyone, welcome to the new Monif C. Blog! I will be posting her weekly to let you guys know what’s going on in the world of Monif C. Plus Sizes,, and in my world… We actually have a BIG announcement coming in the next couple of weeks, so look out for that.

In the meantime, our prayers go out to the families of loved ones lost in Virgina.

Till next week!