Monif - 07.15.09

I am so honored to have been asked to participate in the Duchess & Dukes of the Runway fashion show this Saturday at the Fairmont Southampton Princess in Bermuda!  A little sun, a little beach, a little work…I can’t wait!!!  If you are in Bermuda, please come by to experience a fantastic fashion show!

See you there!


Monif - 07.14.09

For our Vancouver customers! 

DuJour Boutique,, carries the Monif C. line in Vancouver Canada and Klay the owner recently sent us these pictures of the convertible dress promotion in their store. 

If you are in Vancouver, be sure to go check out his store:

DuJour Boutique

628 Abbott Street, Vancouver, BC



Klay told me his mannequin is called Anna Nicole, LOL…shouldn’t she be blond then?

Monif - 07.10.09

I’m in need of a new fit model.  The following are REQUIREMENTS, so please only email us if you meet the requirements info (at) with Fit Model in subject.

1) MUST be close to Manhattan, there will be daily frequest visits to showroom during design phases so you can’t be far from here.

2) MUST have measurements very close (within 1-1.5 in) of 49″ Bust 42″ Waist 52″ Hips

3) MUST be between 5’7-5’8″, no shorter, no taller.

Thanks mucho!



Monif - 07.09.09

So I finally got through all the pics from our New Orleans Shopping Event and I have them here for you!  Krissy (my sister) and I had an amazing time.  I am going to post pics here from the shopping event and I think tomorrow I’ll post a few sight seeing shots. 

For those that don’t know, I was invited by the Voluptuous Vixen boutique to come do a shopping event there during Essence Music Festival which is an amazing festival that gets about 200,000 people every year.  This year Beyonce, Lionel Richie, John Legend, and a host of other stars performed during the 3 day weekend event!

Jaclyn and Erin from Voluptous are fantastic and have one of the nicest plus size boutiques I have ever seen!  So if you live in NOLA or are visiting, definitely check them out @ 818 Chartres Street, and you’ll be able to get your Monif C. goodies and much more!

Enjoy the pics!



Before Monif C., I would have given my right arm to walk down a street and see a sign that says Voluptous Vixen!  Girls, there’s fabulous stuff out there, you just have to search high and lo!


Customer Shots!


My mother is probably going to kill me when she sees me wearing this dress with a cami, but I’m busty and I wanted to wear this dress dang-nabit! Some of the girls thought it was a good alternative to finding a strapless bra, so there Mom!


Introducing the newest girl group – “The Curvettes!” LOL




I must have wrapped about 100 girls on Saturday, yall wore me out!


So this is how these 2 lovely ladies came in the store (very beautiful already!)

But when they put their dresses on, they were like, bag up those other dresses, we are wearing these out!










So this is the beauty of the convertible dress, Jaclyn is a size 26, the lady in the middle is probably a size 10-12, and my sister is a size 6, and they ALL have on the same exactly dress, just diff colors and diff. lengths (short, long)


The owner Jaclyn and I


Krissy had to change because someone brought the black convertible dress right off her back



Vintage Monif C.!  Well not quite, but this customer had on a convertible dress from maybe a year or two ago in a lilacy-pink.
























See you at Essence Fest next year!!!

Monif - 07.07.09

On today MJ’s Memorial Service, I wanted to blog about one of my favorite “interpretative” videos of Michael Jackson. This video is of 1500 inmates at the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center in Cebu, Philippines recreating Thriller. This video is about 2 years old, but I wanted to post it because one of the things that strikes me when I watch it is how much joy and entertainment people receive from Michael Jackson’s music and his legacy as the ultimate entertainer. If inmates in a prison can rejoice and find hope in his music, we all can. Your LIGHT continues to shine MJ!