Monif - 08.28.09

I will be in Toronto the weekend of September 12th and 13th participating in TWO shopping events!  Come shop the Monif C. line at a discount and meet me in person!

I can’t wait to meet all my Canadian customers and shop with you all.  I’ll be debuting my new fall collection in Canada first, so be one of the first people to be able to shop it!

If you are coming to either event (or both), email me at monif (at) and put Toronto in the Subject.  Be sure to let me know which event you’ll be attending!


Saturday’s Shopping Event:

The Fuller Woman Expo – Toronto Edition

Saturday September 12, 2009
10am – 8pm
The Delta Chelsea Hotel
33 Gerrard Street East
major intersection Gerrard and Bay
Go here to purchase tickets


Sunday’s Shopping Event:

Click the graphic to be taken to Lola and Gigi website

Monif - 08.27.09

So I am starting a new section on this blog called “Bish is Fierce”.  It’s on honor of all the beautiful, hot, sexy, fashion-forward plus size women that I see rocking the hell out of their outfits.  The media and society (sounds so cliche) would have you believe that plus size women aren’t fashionable, but that is indeed not the case. 

As the “queens” would say “10ssssssssss across the board honey!”.

Here are some pics of different women, many of whom have their own blogs related to plus size clothing, so check out their pictures and their blogs.

Stephanie, French blogger:

Christina, Musings of a Fatshionista

Natalie, Australian blogger:

Gabi, Young, Fat, and Fabulous:

Huny is not a blogger, but she wore this HOT outfit to Full Figured Fashion Week, pic courtesy of

Monif - 08.26.09

I haven’t done a plus size & fit post in a few weeks, so I am coming back with a really good one.  So in my previous post, I mentioned that I have joined a fitness bootcamp, Aja Davis’ New Body Bootcamp.  We work out in Fort Greene park in Brooklyn T – F from 6:30pm — 7:30pm (all those people who live in the other borourghs or NJ, I live in NJ, so no excuses).  Mia, one of my plus size models, put me on to it and I love the bootcamp.  I’ve always liked being active and I thought it was important to share with you all that we can all be plus size and fit.  I want to emphasize that this bootcamp for me is not about losing weight.  Matter of fact, on the first day and last day of the first 4 week session when Aja weighed us, I turned my back on the scale, I didn’t even want to know the number.  Now this is not because I am scared of what the number is, really I could care less, but rather because it’s not about a number, it’s about being active. 

So now I am on my second 4 week bootcamp with Aja and I love it.  Squats, jumping jacks, boxing drills, running, and relay races oh my!   Plus 5 Monif C. girls signed up to do this session with me…Kristie, Kate, Gabbie, Mia, and Alexis.  And you can too!  For all you girls that want a great but grueling workout and want to be pushed like you’ve never been pushed before to the point where you wonder after the session, how the hell did I do that?  This bootcamp is for you.  We start another session on September 8th, so I want you all to sign up with me.  Go to, and you can contact her directly there.  She is offering a special $199 rate for all Monif C. girls.

Here’s a video to show you some of the things we do with Aja on a daily basis!  Oh, and for those asking, as promised, I’ll be doing pole dancing and trapeze classes starting around November.  Hit me up in the comments section if you are interested in those!

Monif - 08.26.09

This past Saturday my sister and I went to the wedding of Afia and Dan.  My family has been friend’s with Afia’s family for at least 18 years now.  Afia was a year ahead of me in high school and we both were on the track team.  Afia is what you would consider the total package, 3 Harvard degress, beautiful, sweet and genuine.  She married Dan who she met at Harvard and he’s the president of the NBA Development League.  It is so beautiful to see true love and Afia and Dan really have it.  I wish them an eternity of love, prosperity, and lots of babies!

I wore the new Marilyn Convertible Long in Cobalt Blue, but the flash washed out the color

“Nia” Silk Butterfly Dress – Yellow Paisley

They started playing Michael Jackson and this little boy was killing it!

I love the colors in these beautiful outfits

Monif - 08.25.09

So has anyone heard about the new documentary coming out this September called September Issue?  It is a behind the scenes look at the making of Vogue Magazine and concentrates heavily on Anna Wintour, the Legendary Editor-in-Chief of Vogue.  While Vogue is not my favorite fashion mag (clutch your pearls, I know), it’s still considered by many to be the fashion bible, and Anna Wintour is considered probably the most influential person in fashion.

BUT my favorite part of Vogue Magazine is not Anna, but Andre Leon Talley, who is the Editor at Large of Vogue.  The first time I met Andre, he fondled me backstage at the Oscar De La Renta show (NO LIE)…here’s the 25 words or less, I was backstage working at the show years ago and Audrey Smaltz who I was working for at the time mentioned to Andre that I was a fashion designer for plus size women, and Andre goes “obviously” and taps my boob ala Diana Ross and Lil Kim at the MTV Music Awards.  Whether he was poking fun or just trying to cop a feel, I could care less, I GOT FELT UP BY ANDRE LEON TALLEY, that’s all that mattered to me!

My second encounter with ALT was just 3 months ago at the Manolo Blahnik sample sale where he was perched in the corner yelling to his peons (LOL) to look for “black pumps”, look for “silver boots”.  Then they would bring shoes to him and under his breath he would mutter “dreadful” and then in the next breath he goes, “no bring that one back, we can give those away for a Christmas present” LMAO!…

in other words, ALT’s a mess honey…

So I found this clip on youtube of Andre Leon Talley going for a tennis lesson in full Louis Vuitton regalia, Damon Dash pants, and a Piaget watch!!

Enjoy, and how-you-doin, LOL!

Here’s another trailer from the movie, I’ll definitely be going to see it!