Monif - 12.24.09

Happy Holidays from me and the rest of the Monif C. crew!


Monif - 12.23.09

I can’t believe that 2009 is coming to an end and soon we will be moving onto a new decade.  I happened to be going through some old pictures reminicing about Monif C., my mom, and all the hijinks and mayhem that has brought Monif C. to this point and wanted to share some of these old pics with you guys.  I’ll probably be posting more as we get closer to the end of the year.  Enjoy!

I love this picture! 

Monif - 12.22.09

So this weekend, I went to Houston for Rachael and Nate’s wedding. I first met Rachael because she works with my industry BFF Gayla Bentley. Rachael, Gayla and I dished about Rachael’s wedding about a year ago when she got engaged and when she told me Old Hollywood glamour wedding, I thought I a

m sooooooooooooo there. And the wedding definitely lived up to the expectations of an over the top black tie Old Hollywood Texas wedding. I was especially happy because this was the perfect occassion to whip out my “Lolita” Zebra gown! I also got a chance to hang with Gayla, Rachael, and Rachael & Nate’s great family as well as Jaclyn and Erin from the Voluptuous Vixen boutique in New Orleans. BTW, if you ever get to the N.O., make sure you check out their boutique, they carry Monif C. and have one of the best selections of fabulous plus size clothing hands down. Check out pics of the rehearsal dinner and wedding below! I came back to NYC and with all this snow and brick cold conditions, I really wish I was back in Houston…grrrrrrr…

The happy couple!

Gayla and Uncle Mike

This is the cake topper they had for Nate’s bachelor party cake! Love it!

Did you see the H.E.L.P on the bottom of his shoes? LOL

Wedding pics!

We sat at the Cary Grant table…yes DAHLING…

Gayla’s sweet husband Russ

Hi Elizabeth!

Erin wore the “Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress in Purple and looked FAB!

I love the wedding cake and all the rhinestones.  The groom’s cake was delicious!

I took a pic of my shoes to prove to Brandon that I did indeed wear these heels even though they weren’t comfy.  Anything for beauty I guess…but as you can see they sure as heck were not on my feet by the end of that reception, too much dancing for these!

Monif - 12.22.09

The entire stock of this Roxie dress sold out in less than 3 weeks and we’ve gotten so many calls on this dress that we’ve decided to bring it back!  Order it today and receive it just in time to rock for Valentine’s Day.  Consider it a love gift for yourself. 

 Click the picture to pre-order today!  Do not hesitate!

Monif - 12.22.09

So you all know that about 8 months ago I started a section on this blog called Plus Size & Fit to show that you can be plus size and fit.  It’s not about weight loss or dieting (I can’t stand those concepts although I don’t fault anyone if that’s their thing), but about loving your body and making it as fit and fabulous as it can be.  And trust me you can be plus size and just as fit and fab rocking your Monif C. with your 4 inch stilettos walking in the room like what? LOL :-) .  Side note, I am going to do a post very soon on New Year’s resolutions and not beating ourselves up with this lose weight crap, time to embrace what we have. I also read about this pledge on a website called Healthy at Every Size and I’m going to post soon because I would love for all my Monif C. girls to sign this pledge to take a new thought process about weight until the new decade and I hope you all join me.  (more to come on that)

Side side note, a really great book to read this New Year’s while everyone is driving themselves crazy about weight loss is:


It’s by Kate Harding and Marianne Kirby and I’ll be reading it on my vaca in Barbados in a few weeks.  click here to buy yours on Amazon. 

They also have a great blog that you should check out also.

In the spirit of honoring and moving our body because it’s the only body we’ve been given, I want to ask you all to join me and my trainer Aja Davis as well as about 7 other Monif C. customers and join our New Body Bootcamp in Brooklyn. 

Here’s Aja “spiel” on the program:

21 Day Fast Fitness Boot Camp  $97

Get in shape! Move that sexy body! Time to tone those thighs, tuck the tummy and tighten that booty. Improve your overall health and wellness.

Unlimited Boot camp classes at New Body Boot Camp & Wellness for 21 Days with a meal plan included.

New Year’s Special only $97

I’ll be taking bootcamp sessions with you guys and I hope you sign up.  Call 718-403-0678 or check out Tell Aja I sent you, and I’ll see you at the first bootcamp session on January 4th! Leave a comment in the comments section if you plan to join!

Look at Mia Amber Davis, a regular model here at Monif C., on the newbodybootcamp’s website.  She’s actually the one that told me about Aja and I love her for it.


Please ignore that pic of me on the site please and thank you…