Monif - 05.11.09

So last Wednesday, Brandon, my preggers cousin Pamela, and I went to the Manolo Blahnik Sample Sale at the Warwick Hotel courtesy of one of my bestestestestest customers Steffany!

So the doors opened at 9am, but Steffany warned us to get there very early like 6am. I couldn’t find the strength to hustle myself out of bed that early, so I sent Brandon ahead of me to get a good position. Brandon got there about 7am and said there were about 30 women ahead of him so I already knew this sale wasn’t a joke.

Sooooooooooooo, fast forward to 9:30am when I show up, LOL, Brandon had the entire section of size 42s already sequestered and picked out 3 pairs that he knew I would love (I love my personal stylist/assistant/bestboyfriend).

Now, here’s the kicker, each pair of shoes cost ……………………………………….……………. wait for it ……………………………………………… $100 a pair. Um, yeah, no jokes, here’s a pic of the price list

Thank goodness I didn’t see any skins or boots I wanted, so I got a great deal on my 4 pairs.

Here are some more pics from the sample sale:

The madness! Oh, and I’m wearing one of the pairs I bought, black/white zebra print pumps

Shoes, glorious shoes!

Shoes make me happy

Another pair I bought, silver metallic leather pumps

Another pair, pink suede kitten heels, I got these for myself and bought my sister a matching red pair

Don’t these remind of you Jay-Z & Beyonce “03 Bonnie & Clyde” video?

Pamela, 9 months pregnant but still buying shoes and me with our damages

Till next time

Monif - 05.07.09


DC was a whirlwind! The Monif C. Private Shopping Event in DC was amazing! Rachel, Aisha (my best friend of 10 years), and I loaded up the trunk and sach-sayed our way down to DC for the weekend. It was so great to meet Monif C. customers who were so sweet and it truly was a great Saturday for all. We were only supposed to have 50 customers but about 95 customers showed up AND stayed until 9pm…we literally had to KICK girls out! But it was alot of fun, and we are so grateful for the support!

There are tons of pics below including pictures of some new styles that the DC girls got to preview first (don’t be jealous…), so check them out.

Next stops on the Monif C. Private Shopping tour are Houston May 16th at Strut Boutique in the Galleria, call Strut at 713.621.4000 for details! I’ll also be in Atlanta soon after! Look out for that info…

Also, I am thinking of doing an event in Chicago…what do you all think? Midwest curvy girls, let me know if we should come, email me at monif (at)

Here are the pics!

Marilyn Convertible Dress – Tangerine

“Elaine” Ruffle Sleeve Dress – Red

“Nia” Silk Butterfly – Yellow

“Marilyn” Convertible Dresses

“Nia” Silk Butterfly Dresses and Convertible Dresses

“Dazzling” Silk Maxi Gown

This customer had a Monif C. dress from maybe 2 years ago VINTAGE!!!

“Elaine” Ruffle Sleeve Dress – Red

“Nelli” Ruched Dress – Black

“Sunner” Colorblock Dress – Orange – we’re bringing it back!!!

This shot feels like a CD cover for a girl group, all “Marilyn” Convertible Dresses!

“Sunner” Colorblock Maxi Dress – Blue Multi

This is the new “Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress in the fuchsia color.

My FAVORITE gown this season, the new “Liza” Cobalt Blue Beaded Silk Maxi Gown

“Nelli” Ruched Dress – Black

this red is just so beautiful in the “Elaine” Ruffle Dress!

“Nelli” Ruched Dress – Blue

“Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – Tangerine, just so you all know the tangerine has now sold out twice and we are waiting on the next shipment…can’t keep these in stock, so I suggest you order quickly!
“Marilyn” Convertible Dress – Black wrapped as a top

pretending I’m working

“Nia” Silk Butterfly – Blue Aztec

“Sunner” Colorblock Maxi – Orange Multi

“Farrah” Swirl Dress w/Crystal Beading

Aisha in the “Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – Tangerine

Short White Marilyn Convertible & Long Tangerine Marilyn Convertible

“Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – Black; I don’t know how the heck Rachel and Aisha wrapped this one

Rachel channeling Cher

The beautiful Fennimas jewelry we had at the event! Rachel the designer! If you see anything you like, call us 212.842.1641 we can ship to you!

Aisha exhausted…

My bed that I crashed in even before the last customer left

Rachel clowning as usual

Aisha leaves you with this artsy photo that I am sure you are dying to download, print, and post on your wall…thank me later.

Oh, and don’t mind the lighting on the sequins dress, it’s much brighter, it’s just hard to shoot sequins… Until next time…

Monif - 04.28.09

I often get asked about how I started Monif C. and thoughts on how to start a business and the notion of success. I think about a quote I read somewhere years ago, “The difference between success and mediocrity is all in the way you think”…I think this quote was by Dean Francis. I truly believe that your thoughts are a big driving force behind who is successful and who isn’t.

In that vain, I wanted to share with my lovelies some great books that have helped me to “focus” my thoughts throughout the years:

Think and Grow Rich – by Napoleon Hill

Ask and It Is Given, Learning to Manifest Your Desires – Esther and Jerry Hicks

Rich Dad, Poor Dad – Robert Kiyosaki

Conversations with God – Neale Donald Walsch

Monif - 04.20.09

You may have already seen the information about our DC Shopping Event going on May 2nd, if not, Click Here for information on the DC Shopping Event.

But Monif C. will also be in Houston!!!! See below for the information, please don’t call the office regarding Houston, call Strut Boutique directly. Hope to see you there!!!!

Monif - 04.20.09

Here are some pictures from the Curvy All Star Weekend produced by Chenese Lewis, Plus Model Magazine, Monif C., and Curvesity, Flawless Calendar It was a great event for all of us in the curvy industry to network and have fun togetherFriday was a mixer at Stitch Lounge in NYC, Saturday was a Mo

nif Cshopping event, and Sunday Maddy from Plus Model Mag and crew took part in the MS walk.

Here’s some pictures from Friday and Saturday’s events, enjoy!

Jamil, me, and Rachel

Rachel, me, and Brandon

Brandon, me, and Emily

Plus Model crew


Mia, Lisa, and Maddy

Saturday at the showroom

“Labelle” Zipper Dress – Coral

“Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – White

“Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – Tangerine

“Nia” Silk Butterfly Dress – Pink Paradise

“Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – White

“Nikki” Little Blue Dress

This picture was from the convertible dress party, but I didn’t post, LOVE that blond hair Brooke!

“Marilyn” Convertible Dress – White

“Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – Tangerine

“Farrah” Swirl Print Dress – Pink

“Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – White

That’s a special long convertible dress color just for me

Brandon, yes he has on a feather necklace


The cupcakes and apple martinis are almost finished!

Customer picture submission “Nelli” Ruched Dress – Black

LOVE this “Marilyn” Convertible Dress in fuchsia! You look good girl!

“Nikki” Little Blue Dress