Monif - 03.08.10

Watched the Oscar’s last night once ABC/Cablevision decided they wanted to let the NYC folks get their ABC back (:side eye:)…Oscar’s boring as usual, but my girl Gabourey lit up the pre-show/red carpet!

I LOVE Gabourey…I love that she is so herself and is not allowing Hollywood to make her feel less than…those are Hollywood’s bs standards, not hers, and it’s very refreshing!

Check her out here hitting on Gerald Butler…she’s right, he’s yummy…I’d hit that too…

And what did you guys think about her dress?  I’m not a huge fan of navy, but this dress fit her beautifully. If I had it my way, it would have been in a hotter/brighter color, but she still looks fab. What do you guys think?


Monif - 03.04.10

Brand Spanking NEW “Marilyn” Convertible Dress Video #3 with how-tos on how to wrap the “Marilyn” Convertible Dress!!! Are you excited??? :-)

This video has a part #1 featuring Adrienne one of our customers wrapping the convertible dress on herself for all those that worry about getting the dress and not being able to wrap it.  If you guys remember we did a whole blog post on Adrienne called the Convertible Dress Saved My Life, check it out here.  Part #2 is me showing you guys all the new convertible wraps featured on the website.

Check them out! Leave comments below letting us know how you feel about the vids.

Inventory update, if you are looking to get your convertible dress prior to the end of April, you MUST order now…Just so you guys are informed, this is our current inventory:


Short – 15

Long – 3


Short – 5

Long – 1 (YES ONE)


Short – 9

Long – 3


Short – 3

Long – 4

Fuchsia Pink (long and short) SOLD OUT until end of April (we do have a darker berry color if you would like!)

Black (long and short) SOLD OUT until end of April


Monif - 03.04.10

Here’s a mega Customer Love post…swimsuits, convertibles, roxies, Oh My!

Monif - 02.18.10

So one day I was sitting around thinking about the Monif C. customer and was so happy to realize that in the 5 years we’ve been in business, we’ve sent clothes to women young and old, overseas and in the US, all occupations and lifestyles, and I wanted to show all of you that YOU are Monif C. woman just like these women.

So I came up with a simple concept…7 of our BEST customers, all different ages, sizes, and experiences to show how they make the convertible dress work for them.

You will look at these BEFORE and AFTERS and think these are camera tricks, 4 pairs of Spanx on each woman, or photoshop, but believe me when I tell you, it was simple, the women in all their fabulousness, the AMAZING “Marilyn” Convertible Dress, simple makeup, a “juge” of their hair, our awesome photog Krista, music, and it was lights, camera, action!

You too can be TRANSFORMED through this convertible dress when you make it your own!

I am Monif C., You are Monif C.


Check out pics and videos below!

Anna, NYC, Social Media Expert, 20s




Aimee, NYC by way of Virginia, Owner of, 30s



Roxanne, Bermuda, Owner of Bliss Hair Salon, 40s (holding on tight to 39 though!)



Marshan, WORLDWIDE (literally, this woman has been on more cruises in the last 6 months than I have in a lifetime, she just came back from Singapore and Bangkok in November not to mention Bermuda in September with Curvy Girls at Sea), 40s


Ikeeda, NYC, Home Care Rehab Coordinator, 30s



Samantha, Puerto Rico, Makeup Artist, 20s


Katie, NYC, Advertising, 30s


 Special thanks to all the women that took time out of their busy lives to come do the shoot!  You guys ROCK! Thanks to Tara Taylor for banging out all the makeup by herself, Brandon and Erica for styling, my AMAZING sister Krissy for doing all the videos, Rachel from Fennimas Jewelry for the jewels, and Krista for photography!

Are you a Monif C. customer that wants to be involved in the next customer photo shoot?  Leave a comment here and get ready for the next photo shoot in the Fall!

Monif - 02.18.10

Plus Size Supermodel TWERKING it at the Monif C. Photo Shoot

Mia talking about working with Monif C. Plus Sizes

Mia Amber Davis for President! LOL, WE LOVE YOU MIA!