Monif - 08.25.09

So has anyone heard about the new documentary coming out this September called September Issue?  It is a behind the scenes look at the making of Vogue Magazine and concentrates heavily on Anna Wintour, the Legendary Editor-in-Chief of Vogue.  While Vogue is not my favorite fashion mag (clutch your pearls, I know), it’s still considered by many to be the fashion bible, and Anna Wintour is considered probably the most influential person in fashion.

BUT my favorite part of Vogue Magazine is not Anna, but Andre Leon Talley, who is the Editor at Large of Vogue.  The first time I met Andre, he fondled me backstage at the Oscar De La Renta show (NO LIE)…here’s the 25 words or less, I was backstage working at the show years ago and Audrey Smaltz who I was working for at the time mentioned to Andre that I was a fashion designer for plus size women, and Andre goes “obviously” and taps my boob ala Diana Ross and Lil Kim at the MTV Music Awards.  Whether he was poking fun or just trying to cop a feel, I could care less, I GOT FELT UP BY ANDRE LEON TALLEY, that’s all that mattered to me!

My second encounter with ALT was just 3 months ago at the Manolo Blahnik sample sale where he was perched in the corner yelling to his peons (LOL) to look for “black pumps”, look for “silver boots”.  Then they would bring shoes to him and under his breath he would mutter “dreadful” and then in the next breath he goes, “no bring that one back, we can give those away for a Christmas present” LMAO!…

in other words, ALT’s a mess honey…

So I found this clip on youtube of Andre Leon Talley going for a tennis lesson in full Louis Vuitton regalia, Damon Dash pants, and a Piaget watch!!

Enjoy, and how-you-doin, LOL!

Here’s another trailer from the movie, I’ll definitely be going to see it!

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