Monif - 01.06.10

More pics sent in by customers wearing Monif C. for the holidays! Don’t forget if you have some pics of yourself in Monif C., send them to monif (at)!

“Tina” Sequins – Blue SOLD OUT

“Marilyn” Convertible Dresses wrapped 2 different ways!

I know that end of the night party lean very well, LOL!

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Monif - 01.04.10

One of the biggest buzzes right now in the fashion industry is V Magazine’s Size Issue.  V Magazine is probably the first major mainstream magazine to take on doing fashion forward editorials using plus size models.  Although some people have been critical about the sizes of the models used, the reality is it is a HUGE step forward for a major magazine to use plus size models in editorials and I for one am UBER excited for the magazine to come out on January 14th. 

V Magazine has been leaking some of the pics from the editorials, the first one featuring plus size supermodel Crystal Renn.  I was really happy to see the editorial, but I damn near lost my mind when I saw the latest editorial featuring a variety of plus size models on Christina’s blog Musings of a Fatshionista

Here are some of my fav pics from the editorial…

This is inspiring me to do a naked photo shoot…I’m so serious…

Hey Kasia!  Kasia is a major plus size model with Click NYC agency, but she also is a fantastic makeup artist and has done alot of work with us.  So happy to see her in such a fabulous photo spread!

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Monif - 12.31.09

From the whole team here at Monif C. and the Clarke Family, I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Here’s to an amazing new decade filled with love, health, happiness, prosperity, and FABULOUS FASHION! :-)

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Monif - 12.30.09

Every Christmas we do a small holiday party with our factory, the sewers/pattern makers that make Monif C. go.  I’ve been working with Nancy and Hoosh since I started back in 2005 and wouldn’t give them up for the world.  I think I would fight somebody if they tried to take these folks away from me.  Many of you know that we manufacture the majority of the Monif C. line in the USA, and although it is CRAZY expensive to do, we are committed to it not just because of the US economy, but because you can’t get the type of pristine fit and attention to detail anywhere but here in the USA.  And also because I consider these folks my friends…Hoosh my pattern maker learned tailoring (he calls it tailoring not pattern making) in Iran when he was 18 yrs old, you know how much experience that is?  Truly invaluable, and that’s why I always tell customers, the secret to Monif C. is in the fit.  You may not see it on the hanger or straight out of the package, but once you put it on your body, instant vavavavoom!  And these are the great folks that make it happen. 

So enjoy the pics of our traditional Chinese soup bowl dinner…ever had soup bowl?  Basically you have a pot full of chicken stock or water, whatever your fancy, and you bring it to a simmer and you put meat, shrimp, chicken, dumplings, and LOTS of vegetables (bok choy, greens, bean sprouts, etc.) in and cook it all together.  Then Nancy mixes together Chinese BBQ paste, soy sauce, and cilantro and you pour that concoction over the whole thing.  Add in champagne, vodka, gin, and cookies, and you got a party! 

I know this picture doesn’t make it look appetizing, but it is so damn good

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Monif - 12.30.09

A customer love quickie! 


“Angelina” Trench Coat

SOLD OUT: “Charlie” Jumpsuit – Black

“Nelli” Ruched Dress – Cobalt Blue – we don’t even have this color on the site yet, but if you like it, call the office to order 212.842.1641, this color and the black are both on sale and we have this in the Size 1 which the black is sold out in.

Oh, and sir in the elevator, we see you…pick up your lip and stop drooling…

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