Monif - 04.16.09

It’s April, and yesterday it was 43 degrees and today it’s 65 degrees… I wore Uggs today (don’t look at me funny) and I really could have wore my Tory Burch ballet flats because it’s warm today. I want to put all my winter stuff in storage but I can’t because Mother Nature (or global warming) can’t make up its mind what the temperature should be! I’m frankly a little annoyed…

So, I’m looking out of my 10th floor showroom in NYC, supposed to be working, but I am thinking of sun, sand, and beach (as usual)

Carnival is on my mind, particularly Cropover which is Barbados’ Annual Carnival.

So here’s a little bit of music from one of my favs, Square One…it’s an oldie but goodie.

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Monif - 04.13.09

Monif C. will be hosting a private shopping party for 50 women on May 2nd in our nation’s capital, Washington, DC. No, we’re not having at the White House, but that sure would be fun! If you are in the DC/MD/VA area, come shop with us! Come shop the line at a discount AND meet Monif! Email with DC Shopping Party in the subject and you will get details on this exclusive shopping event.

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Monif - 04.13.09

Cupcakes from Sugar Sweet Sunshine Bakery, flowing champagne, and lots and lots of customers = another successful Convertible Dress Party! This is becoming an annual event for us where customers can come see the new convertible dress colors in person and try out new wraps. For those that aren’t able to come to NYC, don’t worry, there are videos to show you the new convertible dress wraps and actually we just did a brand new one. Monif C. Convertible Dress Video #2!

Oh, and in case you didn’t notice fuchsia and teal short convertible dresses are SOLD OUT! Sooooooooooo, don’t wait if you are ordering another color, this is the second shipment and we promise it won’t last long! Here are lots of pictures from the event!

Remember I said there would be a special color only at the convertible dress party? Well, I did a long fuchsia color for the party, and they are now all sold out. I MAY do some more if there is an interest, so email or call us and let us know

This is Joy Nash, a great size acceptance activist, actress, etc.

Here’s a link to her Fat Rant on youtube: Joy Nash’s Fat Rant

This customer sent us a picture of her wearing the Marilyn Long Convertible Dress in Black

This customer was at a gala event and wore the Malinda Crystal Beaded Dress, here’s she’s pictured with NYC Mayor Bloomberg

Last but not least is a picture of Mandisa from American Idol wearing the Marilyn Convertible Dress in Red. Remember Mandisa from American Idol I believe 2 seasons ago? She’s got a new CD out, check it out here! Mandisa’s website

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Monif - 04.02.09

So I’m finally back from Vegas and I must say I had a great time! It is really nice to get out on the road and meet customers and have them be so excited to wear Monif C. clothing. I even had a few customers that literally drove 5 hours from LA just to come to the trunk show! That is definitely an honor. Here are some pics from the event and the weekend’s festivities. I am missing some camera shy girls, but they know who they are and thanks so much for coming out!

For those asking if we’ll be coming to your city, we are rolling out the trunk show calendar and our next stop is Washington, DC on April 24th and 25th May 1st and 2nd (date change)! Location to come, but if you want to RSVP, email monif (at) with DC Shopping Party in the subject.

My best friend Aisha went with me, so this pic was taken just hours after we landed…I know rough…

Taken while Aisha stuck her head through the sun roof of the car

On to the customers, “Nia” Silk Butterfly Dress – Blue Aztec

“Madaline” Peacock Dress, not on website, but we have one left in the boutique if you would like to call and order

“Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – Tangerine

“Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – White

“Marilyn” Convertible Dress – Black

“Nia” Silk Butterfly Dress – Pink Paradise

“Nikki” Little Blue Dress

This sweetie is still in high school and her aunt brought her to shop, nice meeting you!!! Keep up those grades!

“Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – Tangerine

“Marilyn” Convertible Dress – Fuchsia

“Marilyn” Convertible Dress – Tangerine

“Marilyn” Convertible Dress – Black

Happy 21st birthday, enjoy your dresses!

“Olivia” Sequins Party Dress – Black/Purple

“Marilyn” Convertible Dress – Black

“Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – White (for her prom)

“Nia” Silk Butterfly Dress – Yellow Paisley

“Marilyn” Convertible Dress – Fuchsia

“Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – Black w/ white bra strap, LOL

“Marilyn” Convertible Dress – Black

“Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – Black w/ Pink Bra Straps LOL, obviously these women are wearing strapless bras when they actually wear the dress in this style.

“Nelli” Ruched Dress – Caramel

“Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – Tangerine

“Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – White & Tangerine

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Monif - 03.27.09

“I’m leaving on a jet plane, don’t know when I’ll be back again…”

Taking off today for Las Vegas and our Trunk Show! Will be nice to spend time with my old NSBE friends who are also in

Vegas for their National Convention. NSBE stands for National Society of Black Engineers by the way…one day I’ll tell you all the story of how I went from Engineer to Fashion Designer.


But the real reason I am going is for our Las Vegas Private Shopping Party! If you are in the Vegas area and want to come tomorrow Saturday March 28th, email monif (at) and I will tell you where it is taking place.

In the meantime, shipments are going out today so it’s a busy, busy day!

I’ll have lots of pics when I get back…I’ll also be on twitter tweeting while in Vegas, so feel free to follow me on twitter: Monif C.’s Twitter

See you soon!

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