Monif - 12.15.08

It’s the holidays so let’s just say we are VERY BUSY over here at Monif C. I am eternally grateful because well….some businesses just aren’t busy this season, and it’s better to be busy than well, not busy.

So instead of waiting until tomorrow for my shipping folks to come in and having double work, Rachel came in after work and helped me get out some shipments. After getting them all done (at about 9pm), we decided to head over to one of my favorite hole in the wall Dominican spots, Gena’s Grill on 1st Ave. & 12th Street (if I remember correctly)…all the weavenistas would know, it’s right across from Lugo’s Hair. Three years ago, while waiting for 20″ #4 Wet & Wavy, one of the guys told me to that they had some great food and he didn’t lie.

Over rice, goat, and plaintains (me) and rice, stew chicken, and plaintains (Rachel), we started talking about going on vacation. Now last year Rachel and I went to Barbados (my home) and had a blast. Because travel prices are going up, up, up, and Barbados is a popular destination around this time of year, we are thinking, geez, maybe I don’t know, Puerto Rico Dominican Republic Miami this year??? Now, I’ve been PR and Miami (no DR YET), Rachel hasn’t gone to any of them, and although VERY NICE, I explained to Rachel that when you are exhausted like I am, I just think the best vacation is a vacation where you know where you’re going, know which auntie you’re gonna call for dinner, know where to get the best fish platter, know which beach is the best beach, and know which is the best club to go to at night…I would rather spend 10 days as a local rather than a tourist right now…

So what else can I say, I’m LUSTING over a Barbados vacation AGAIN :-) . Come February, we’ll see where I end up, but who can pass this up?

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Monif - 12.13.08

This past Wednesday night we had our annual holiday shopping event! Thanks to all the ladies that came out and shopped and enjoyed Mrs. Field’s cookies and cocktails! Here are just a few snaps of customers who came…it’s so busy this Christmas season, that I might not have time to do a full gallery on our Events and Promotions Page, but and if I have time, I’ll add some more. But for now :-) , enjoy!!!

Oh and shoutouts to our intern Doris who was our photog for the night and somehow took blurry pictures…I don’t know how she made that happen, but let’s just call it art and leave it at that :-) .

Me in the “Malinda” Beaded Crystal Beaded Chiffon Dress”

Brandon wrapping the “Marilyn” Convertible Dress – Black

Customer in “Malinda” Crystal Beaded Chiffon Dress

Customer in “Olivia” Sequins Party Dress – Black/Dusty Purple

Customer in “Marilyn” Convertible Dress – Dusty Purple

Customer in “Marilyn” Convertible Dress – Red

Customer in “Marilyn” Convertible Dress – Rose Pink

Me in the “Malinda” Beaded Crystal Beaded Chiffon Dress”

Customer in “Marilyn” Convertible Dress – Olive Green

Customer in “Sunner” Colorblock Dress – Blue Multi

Customer in Eyelet Sample

Rachel in “Marilyn” Convertible Dress – Black

Customer in “Marilyn” Convertible Dress – Dusty Purple

Customer in “Paris” Silk Tie Neck Dress

Miss Gwen Devoe in “Nikki” Little Leopard Dress

Customer in “Olivia” Sequins Party Dress – Blue/Silver

“You can’t tell her nothing” Customer in “Barbados” Swimsuit – Black

Customer in “Danielle” Maxi Dress – Blue

Customer in “Rachel” Silk Jersey Dress – Blue Multi

Like I said…you can’t tell her nothing…Customer in “Barbados” Swimsuit – Gold

Customer in “Nikki” Little Electric Blue Dress

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Monif - 12.09.08

In case you missed Monif C. Plus Sizes on NBC’s Today Show this morning, here’s the video!

See you all tonight at the Holiday Shopping Party!

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Monif - 12.08.08

In case you are wondering why our site is moving soooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow today, it’s because our feature on for Essence Magazine. We apologize for the slow moving site, but we were thrilled to get so much traffic and orders today! If you are having a hard time getting online or ordering, you can call to order at 212.842.1641. If anything, try the site later tonight when traffic will die down, but don’t hesitate to order because we are severely limited on most items.

Also, check Monif C. Plus Sizes out Wednesday on NBC’s Today Show during at the 10am EST hour for holiday dresses for plus size women! I believe they will be featuring the “Olivia” Sequins Party Dress.

Two media mentions in one week, Happy Holidays to Us!

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Monif - 12.06.08

Don’t wait, we only have a few pieces of each style, don’t be left out!

Holiday Preview 2008 Holiday Preview 2008
Holiday Preview 2008 Holiday Preview 2008
Holiday Preview 2008 Holiday Preview 2008
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