Monif - 12.05.07

and other important truths…

Ladies, I bring you a tale of woe from within the walls of my own friendly boutique. One of my fabulous colleagues, Anne* has been in love with the cobalt blue convertible dress, since…well, essentially, since it was created. She has known since she saw it that it was totally for her. On Monday, she came into work, happy as always, and declared “Today is a good day to buy a convertible dress…preferably a blue one.” She walked onto the sales floor and perused the area….no blue convertibles to be found. She ran to our back stock area, and searched the shelves–blue convertible dress-less. She spun and said to our shipping manager, Diane, “Dee, where are the blue convertible dresses?!” Dee replied nonchalantly, “Oh, we sold out of it yesterday.”

Well, Anne looked like we stole her new puppy. She cried “what do you mean?” She asked Diane if she was ‘sure’ no less than 10 consecutive times. She could be seen peeking under folded stacks of clothing and into filing cabinets for the rest of the day. To this day, she is still hopeful and convinced–a blue convertible dress WILL pop-up somehow, but sadly we know the deal; Baby Girl missed out.

So, I tell you this sad cautionary tale for a reason. Don’t be that girl. Convertible dresses sell with the quickness ESPECIALLY when they are on sale, which, they currently are, m’dears.

Don’t let Anne’s story happen to you…get your dress today!

* Names have been changed to protect procrastinating colleagues.

Update: Anne has learned to live without the blue convertible dress. She is the proud new owner of a grey one, which she assures me that she loves “just a much.” She has however, changed her morning greeting from ‘Morning, you guys!” to “Any Blue ones?” Sadly for her, the answer remains a ‘no.’

Stay Curvy,


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Monif - 12.02.07

Hi Ladies,

It’s a Monday and as per usual, we begin each week with a few (of countless) examples of customer fab! As the holidays approach with unnecessarily rapid speed, many are making plans to go away to visit fam or just to recharge and start the New Year in new place.

Whatever calls the Monif C. Girl away from home, people travel more than ever right now and it is officially Suitcase Season!

Official best friend of travelers everywhere? The Marilyn Convertible Dress!

No really.

What if you could combine your favorite top, evening and day dress into one item? It’s kind of a revolutionary idea…And to celebrate our most avant garde thinkers, I proudly present the Convertible Dress edition of Customer Fab!

Well, look who popped in? Ms. Angel Laws, creator and editor of the fabulous blog, Concrete Loop looks lovely in the pumpkin color…

but this British girl on vacay in NYC has quite the conversation piece to take overseas with her…

Perfect wrap for a warmer holiday climates, this customer tries ‘reversed halter’ wrap on for size…

Is it just me, or does it look like the brunette in the blue Nelli Ruched dress is trying to gently rip that red convertible off that happy blond girl (No? Just me, huh?)? Just kidding, ladies! In truth, its actually assistant extrodinaire, Rachel helping our jewelry designer, Lisa into a convertible dress. Excellent teamwork, girls!

It’s the return of the two-tones! This Jersey gal (shout outto Weeee-haken!) takes a summer hit, the convertible in the turquoise and grey, and rocks it hard for the winter season!

A total must-have for every season, make sure to get yours today! Actually, now is the perfect time because we are right in the middle of our INSANE sale. ALL convertibles are definetly 50% off. I know, it’s bananas. Get yours today!

Stay Curvy,


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Monif - 11.27.07

and other important truths…

Guess What!?

Holiday gift-giving from the universe has begun! City Search has nominated the Monif C. Manhattan boutique as a possible contender in its ‘Best of New York’ Awards! Ladies, this is huge. I can count the plus-size boutiques in the tri-state area on ONE hand. They are doing incredible work, but ours was the only one nominated.

Big picture, this is a huge step for the plus-size community. Fashion industry is slowly beginning to realize what Monif C. girls have known all along-Curves are fantastic!

So, big question–How do we win?

Answer: We can’t do it without you! Ladies, we need you to vote!

It’s simple:

Click on this link:

Vote for Monif C!

Scroll to the 8th listing (which is yours truly) and click ‘Vote’ on the left side.

As promised, super-simple!

While you’re there, feel free to leave us a review!

What’s more, observant Monif. C girls that click and vote may just find an extra holiday discount on the City Search site.

Speaking of extra holiday discounts, Free shipping on orders over $250.00 is in Full Effect-don’t miss out!

But there are definitely more fab sales coming your way–Stay tuned!

Stay Curvy,


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Monif - 11.25.07

And other important truths…


Hope your Thanksgiving was absolutely decadent! Black Friday brought a quite a chill in the air and with it, many a Monif C. girl to the boutique. Folks are getting fab for the holidays for sure…without further ado, the newest edition of Customer Fab!

She wears the Candi Colorblock soo well…

The Selita Dress-still rockable in those winter months…

The Marilyn Convertible in Pumpkin is not only a propos, but also super-cute and cozy for the holiday season…

But the Paris in deep plum and the Nikki’s lilac accents definitely re-define holiday colors…

That’s all for now. Keep those holiday pics comin in, girls!

Oh! And stay tuned for up-coming Monif C. sales. Let’s just say that this up-coming one will make you split. (That was a thinly-veiled hint, lol).

Stay Curvy,


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Monif - 11.20.07

and other important truths…

Hi Ladies,

Here at Town Monif C. we are getting into the holiday mood, but we never forget the reason for the season. Thanksgiving is a great opportunity to flex those master-chef muscles, but more important, its an opportunity to spend time with love ones and consider the things that make your live fabulous everyday!

It’s funny how things go. This blog was actually not supposed to be about this topic, per se. But as I sat in my office, this is what felt right, and I want to share it with you. So, when I asked some of my colleagues what they thought of me changing my blog topic naturally our conversation moved into a discussion about the things for which each of us were grateful.

Our incredibly hard-working intern tells us:

” this Thanksgiving, I am grateful that I got this incredible opportunity to work with you guys [Monif C.] !”

Her check is in the mail, tee hee.

Our fabulous and multi-tasking consultant Adrienne tells us:

” I am thankful for a million and one things, but maybe the biggest one is the chance to experience new things everyday and ability to learn from them. Also, love; it’s super-important. Oh, and my Mommy; she’s the best.”

Speaking of mommies, when we asked Co-owner of Monif C. and Mom extraordinaire, Elaine Clarke (pictured below on the left with Gwen Devoe) about her thoughts, she tells us:

“[I am grateful for] Absolutely everything. Every experience is a lesson if you let it be.”

Well said, Mom.

And as for little ol’ me?

You know, life has been so incredible to me. If I used each finger and took of my shoes to include my toes, I still wouldn’t be able count all my blessings and all the things that make me say ‘thank you’ everyday!

So, Top Three:

  1. Most important, I am grateful for my ever-changing and growing relationship with my Higher Power. Everyday, I learn something new from it and I am better for it.
  2. I am soooo grateful that the work I do everyday inspires me, drives me and forces me to my best self.
  3. And of course, you guys! I am soo thankful that I work with and for such an AMAZING group of brave, smart, beautiful women! You guys make everyday Thanksgiving for me, and technically, it should be!

So, this Thanksgiving, be thankful for many things you’ve been gifted with–love, joy, curves, great taste (standard for the Monif. C girl) , experiences, family and [ahem] sales :) ….

I bet your list could go on and on. I know mine does!

Stay curvy (…and grateful),


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