Monif - 03.05.09

Behind the Scenes at BET’s Rip the Runway 2009 – the usual cast of characters and some eye candy!

Monif - 03.02.09

Hi my lovelies! Sorry for the delay in posting…what can I say, when it rains, it pours! And I mean that in the BEST way…big things happening over here in Monif C land.

While I prepare for tonight’s big airing (don’t know what’s airing yet?), more info coming, I figured I would share some Behind the Scenes shots from our Spring Photoshoot that we just shot.

All the usual suspects where there, and as usual it was alot of fun!

Thanks to everyone that made it happen:

Brandon, Rachel, Mia, Krista, Lars, Ariel, Sasha, Jacque, and Fred!

the usual suspects, Tara Taylor makeup, Mia Amber – model

Don’t look at me like that

Lars hiding from the camera

Color, color, everywhere!

Our newest intern Ariel

Amazon Barbi jewels

hamming it up for the camera

Oh, and a little trivia for this blog post…so this is a picture of Lars and Krista’s cat Pixel who apparently has aspirations to be America’s Next Top Plus Size Cat Model…We had a big debate at the photoshoot about how much Pixel weighs with many differing opinions (well it was really just Krista insisting that Pixel isn’t THAT big), so I am offering a $50 Monif C Gift Certificate to the person that comes closest to guessing Pixel’s weight Contest ends this Friday the 6th! Email me at info (at) and put in the Subject: Pixel’s weight.

Monif - 03.02.09

We hope all Monif C. customers will be watching us tonight on BET’s Rip the Runway airing on the BET network at 9pm EST! It’s our fourth year in a row, and we are so happy to be able to continue to showcase beautiful, sophisticated, sexy plus size models and clothing on the runway! Check it out tonight and let us know what you think!

I was going to give you all a sneak preview of some of what you’ll see tonight, but I don’t want to spoil it for you all………………… soooooooooooooooooooo, I decided to treat you to some model eye candy from backstage…

Don’t be jealous….

And I probably shouldn’t put this lovely gentleman on the spot, BUT, EVERY year we do Rip the Runway he gravitates over to our little section…so this year he comes up to me and goes, “i need a thick girl in my life, which one of you is it going to be?”…and I look at him and say, “ummmm, we’re all taken, too late…”, and he says, “damn, why are all the good women taken already?”…a wise man knows a good thing when he sees it

Monif - 02.19.09

So you all are probably wondering why I haven’t posted all week…welllllllllllllllll, we are pleased to let you all know that Monif C. has been selected to be a featured designer on BET’s Rip the Runway for the fourth time in a row! We don’t want to toot our own horn (toot toot!) but we are the only design company to be featured on Rip the Runway four years straight! Not just plus size, straight size also, so we are happy that we’ve been asked again! Within the next couple of days look for a full recap of the show.

On another note, Las Vegas Monif C. girls, Monif will be in Vegas March 28th! We will be having a private shopping party for 50 women. You will be able to shop, shop, shop and meet Monif! So if you live in Vegas or will be there during that time (NSBE Convention!), please email monif (at) to RSVP. Time and location will be provided shortly.

Monif - 02.08.09

So here at Monif C. we have some fantastic customers…some girls have been shopping with us since 2005 and probably have every single item we have ever made. One such customer is New York’s own Sadarielle. Every couple of weeks or so we get a phone call from her inquiring about this dress or that swimsuit and she always raves about how much she loves our clothes.

So recently I get this email from her that she celebrated her birthday in Cancun Mexico and everyday wore a Monif C. outfit. She also sent me some pictures so I have them here on the blog for you. Thanks for being a true blue Monif C. customer Sadarielle!

“Nia” Silk Butterfly Dress, I know what that orange armband means Sadarielle…I was in C-AA-ncun a few years back

“Olivia” Sequins Party Dress – Black/Purple

“Seabreeze” Mini Dress/Coverup, I need to try those ATVs next time I go away…looks like fun

“Olivia” Sequins Party Dress – Black/Silver, who said thick girls were self conscious and didn’t like to show off their bodies??? geez where did you get those boots?

“Trinidad” Ruffle Swimsuit – Red, did you really take the Louis into the sea? Miss J. Alexander eat your heart out (ANTM game proper)

so cute! Happy Birthday to you!