Monif - 12.01.08

Check out Monif C. Plus Sizes in this month’s Plus Model Magazine! Thanks Maddy for including us!

“Nelli” Ruched Dress – Dusty Purple (the picture came out a bit more fuchsia than it is)

“Nikki” Little Leopard Dress

Plus Model Magazine

Monif - 11.30.08

So last Tuesday, Rachel (why do so many blog posts start with Rachel?) called me up to tell me one of her coworkers had 2 tickets to see Tina Turner at the Prudential Center Wednesday night and couldn’t go, so was offering up the tickets…I told Rachel, say no more, I’m there…

Wednesday traffic out of the city was a mess, so after heading home and getting dressed quickly, ball-n-chain and I headed over to the Prudential Center.

Now, obviously Tina Turner is not my generation…my father was actually surprised that we would want to go see her, but of course I grew up hearing my parents play her music and I can appreciate all music…and not to mention, I like my R&B mixed with a little Rock mixed with some grit in the singer’s voice, so if that’s not Tina Turner, I don’t know who is.

All I can say is Queen Tina Turner completely defines what it is to be an entertainer and she KNOWS how to put on a show. I have been to numerous concerts and I can honestly say this is the best concert I have EVER seen. Forget that this woman is 69 years young and hasn’t toured since I believe 2002 and outdance you and I, but I never knew how beautiful her voice is.

It is my arrogant humble opinion that she can sign any entertainer out these days under the table…her voice is so exceptionally strong, clear, and still has that grit we all love her for. I was truly in awe of her and loved every minute of the concert. Even wanted to go the next night, but alas it was Thanksgiving.

Here are some pics of me and ball-n-chain enjoying the show…if Tina Turner is EVER in an arena near you, run, don’t walk…you won’t regret it.

Boobs and nostrils, LOL :-)

Me in the “Nikki” Little Leopard dress

Shake that tail feather

Yes they did put that woman on a crane over the crowd

Yes she did dance down the crane in heels (my first thought was, is this broad crazy?)

Monif - 11.25.08

Just wanted to make sure everyone checks their Monif C. email on Thursday for a special Black Friday gift! You don’t want to miss it believe me!

I’m tired and need some rest because I’m going to the Tina Turner concert tomorrow night at the Prudential Center! I can’t wait to see Miss Tina do her thing. thanks to rachel for hooking us up with the tixs! I’ll be sure to post lots of pics from the concert!

Talk to you all then!

Monif - 11.24.08

I know this is two lust file entries back to back, but I promise you I’m really not that materialistic :-) .

It’s just I woke up this morning and it’s dreary and raining…reminds me of London practically year round…I got some bad news about a family member (Trish, I love you cuz, keep your spirits up!), and I don’t feel like getting out of bed and going into the boutique…

So on days like this, it’s good to dream a bit right? Plus the LA Auto Show is going on right now and I LOVE Auto shows…I am not a real car-nista at heart, but I always go to the NYC Auto Show when it’s in town…so last night at 1am bored but yet oddly awake, I checked out the LA Auto Show website when I found my dream car…

I present you…

Lexus IS250C Convertible

This is a beauty, I can just see me whizzing through NYC traffic in this one…no, who am I kidding, taxi drivers would dent this thing up by the end of day 1… I’ll keep this garaged for my weekends :-)

if only it was a hybrid…well by the time I can get one, hopefully they’ll have a hybrid for me…SOLD!

Monif - 11.23.08

First, thanks to Corinna from A Celebration of Curves for giving me a suggestion on a techie to fix this blog…hopefully they get all the glitches out and you guys will be able to comment…but in the meantime, you can keep sending me emails, I love to hear from ya!

Ok, on to lust file…

Santa, I promise I’ve been a good girl this year…contrary to popular reports, I’ve been behaving myself even more than last year…I’ve even cut out cursing kicking eating icecream after 11pm road rage in 2008…(the other things I’ll work on in 2009), so I hope you can see it in your heart to give me this this year…

Louis Vuitton Monogram Vernis Alma GM – Pomme d Amour

Or maybe you’ll satisfy my delusions of grandeur by finding me a Monif C. Customer that works at Louis Vuitton and wouldn’t mind trading employee discounts…don’t think I don’t know about Louis’ warehouse sales for employees…if there’s anybody out there that’s got the hook up, FIND ME… PLEASE… FIND ME…