Monif - 11.13.08

TGIF – Thank Goodness it’s Friday (for the uninitiated :-) )…I have a big Customer Appreciation event this weekend for our top customers, so I’ll have lots of pictures for you all next week.

In the meantime, did you know Monif C. can also be found on myspace, facebook, and twitter? I don’t know how I am going to keep up with all of this, but make sure you friend me on all those networks. The links are below. In the meantime, have a fantastic weekend, and don’t do anything I wouldn’t do…which doesn’t leave you with many restrictions, so go for it!

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Until Monday, be safe and be grateful!

Monif - 11.12.08

Today is short and sweet:

Christian Louboutin Forever Tina Boots



Monif C. Plus Sizes Marilyn Convertible Dress – Black

Accepting donations at the NYC boutique… i’ll be waiting patiently.

Monif - 11.12.08

Hi everyone! For everyone looking for the Marilyn Convertible Dress video and who had difficulty viewing it through Quicktime, we found a much faster and better way for you to view it. Click the video below, you’ll learn some cool ways to wrap the convertible plus size dress!

Monif - 11.12.08

Each week I’m going to post pictures of customers that email us pictures or come into our New York boutique…to give you all a glimpse of real women in Monif C. clothes and what are our hot sellers!

Because I just got back into blogging, some of these pics are from the summertime, so don’t shoot me, I wanted to make sure everyone that was gracious enough to take pictures for us would be on the blog.

Send us your pictures and we’ll get them up! You can email pics to info (at)

Here goes!

This diva thought our boutique was the set for her personal photo shoot…”Trinidad” Ruffle Swimsuit

Summer 2008 “Rachel” Silk Jersey Dress…

“Nelli” Ruched Dress – Coral (I told you we have special goodies in the store that aren’t in the site :-) )…oh customer wanted us to let you all know, she didn’t have her right bra and Spanx on yet

New Holiday Collection, “Nikki” Little Blue Dress…

Holiday Collection, “Olivia” Sequins Dress – Blue/Silver…the camera didn’t get the color good at all, but you guys get the idea

“Marilyn” Convertible Dress – Red, looking good in the red!

Oh, she wrapped last summer’s rose pink as a skirt…I love to wear it like this to work.

I haven’t seen this Spice Orange in a minute, they sold out in a week when we brought them in…I miss that color, I didn’t even get one for myself:-(

Oh, and these next pictures are of one of our convertible dress all-stars Miriam, I think she’s got about 4 or 5 of them…she took these pics and brought them in for me and threatened us if we didn’t put them on the blog :-) …So here goes

Monif - 11.09.08

So this past weekend, I celebrated my anniversary with ball-n-chain…we’re not married yet, but one day he’ll have the pleasure of being tortured on a daily basis by me :-) . So…I wanted to show you all how I go from frumpy to fab for a date like this.

Most people think that because I am a fashion designer, I look fabulous all the time. My team at the office know that is far from the truth. Sure there are things I will and won’t do…I never wear sneakers, I am always wearing a dress even if it’s over leggings, and I always have on some over-the-top earrings, but I seldom wear makeup and sometimes I’ll wear that dress with a pair of Ugg boots. I need my comfort you know…I mean, I’m always on the move! BUT when it’s time to dress up, I DRESS UP…I absolutely love getting glammed up, I just wish I had more time to do it.

So here I am to show you all my before and afters so you can see it’s not hard for you to get glamorous also.

So here’s how I looked when I came to the office on Friday:

I know…ROUGH… I could say we had a very large shipment that went out that day which kept me in the factory all day and blah, blah, but even I’ll admit it, I look rough… i still see some glimmer of fashion sense, Marilyn Convertible Dress – Mustard wrapped as a top, Tory Burch flats…but I knew I was getting dolled up later, so I didn’t put in much more effort than that.

So…let’s get the AFTER picture…drumroll please….


HOT Mama! If I can say so myself…

So how did I do it?

It really didn’t take much…

  • Curling iron
  • Spanx – Higher Powers…imagine a biking short that comes to up under your bra. that’s the higher powers…they basically smooth over the bumps and the lumps…you can call the NYC store to order.

  • Fierce Makeup (thank you Tara Taylor!)
  • Gold Sandals, I think mine are from BCBG…they are like 3 seasons old, so I’m not 100% sure, but here’s a cute pair you could try:

  • Jewelry, the bigger the better to me…in our New York plus size boutique, we have jewelry by 2 great jewelry designers: Amazon Barbi & Divine Sugar…they do all of our jewelry for our photo shoots and runway shows like Rip the Runway…although we don’t sell them on our site at this time, you can always shop it in the store or if you are looking for something specific to match a dress you are ordering, just call us and we’ll email you some photos of stuff we have and you can order over the phone.
  • And the piece de resistance:

The “Marilyn” Convertible Dress in Red…I simply wrapped it as a dress…now I have big boobs as you can all see, so when I wrap mine, I turn the dress around with the straps in the back and bring them over my head…that way, the back is already closed up and I just wrap the fabric around my boobs…

So that’s it…as you can see with a beautiful dress, a good curling iron, heels, and some makeup, you can change the way you look also…and with the holidays coming, it’s the perfect time to go from frumpy to fab!