Monif - 04.30.08

My Curvaceous cuties—how ya’ been? Long time no see or write–I’ve missed you dearly!

Much has happened since my last post–if you would, allow me to relive the past three months in pictures…

First, I was off to the Caribbean…

Then quickly back home—there’s work to be done!

Then off to the BET’s Rip the Runway….

That head of curls is me getting gorgeous….those blurry hands attached the man above me is my miracle worker stylist…

(that would be Lauren London’s prompter)

The ‘behind the scenes’ team (from left to right) A lovely curvy girl model comes out to support us, Brandon–stylist extrodinaire, Monique, our go-to gal for just about everything, umm..some random girl in my dress (i think her name’s Mo-something :) , and the incredible Rachel.

The runway team (there goes that girl in the pink dress again–she’s a straight-up camera hog)

Celeb sighting galore…

Trey Songz

It’s blurry Diddy and slightly out of focus Snoop (Because my Higher Power has jokes for days, the clearest picture I got of Snoop was the back of his luxurious braids…Sigh)

Current Hotness: Zac Posen and June Ambrose. Future Hotness: Rachel, Monif C Team Member. Ask about her!

And then off again to Florida for the National Society of Black Engineers Conference (NSBE)

Please note–that High Waisted Skirt version of the Convertible Dress? The Official Wrap of the Summer. I’m already predicting it.

That green is lovely on her, no?

Dear Curvy Girl Model from NSBEs Fashion Show in the ‘Barbados’ Swimsuit from Monif’s Spring 08 Collection,

Work. It. Out.


All Curvy Girls.

Wait–in between–just enough time to have a convertible dress party!

How cute is she?!

And finally back again to premiere the new Spring 08 line.

Spring’s line is microcosm of all the incredible things and people that I experienced while on my travels. It’s joyful, it’s light, as always it travels well (much as I was running through airports these months, it needed to be) it’s seriously luxurious, it’s fabulously sexy and most important, it’s yours to enjoy!

Here—maybe this’ll help!

Anyhoo, I had so much fun creating this collection and I know that you’ll have an incredible time rocking it. Look out for more blogs and more thoughts from Team Monif C.

Stay Curvy,


(Please. I WISH I had time to pose for pic. This’ll have to do for now…)

Monif - 01.13.08

and other important truths…

Seriously, I think I may hate winter. Perhaps ‘hate’ is a strong word. I think the phrase I am looking for is “a strong dislike for” the winter months. I mean, I am all for a hot chocolate and a warm sweater—I love that eerie stillness that a slow, snow-falling affords us, but the ‘cold in my bones’, messy, gray-snow effect? I’m good, thanks.

I personally would rather be thinking summer thoughts. So much in fact, that I am off to the Caribbean for a little while in search of beautiful colors (I swear it feels like nature is in hyper-color out there…) and people and perhaps a little inspiration (I may be biased, but my Caribbean girls do it all the way up J ). Oh, and, since we’ve appear to be fresh out of it in NY tri-state area, some heat.

Before, I go, for the Monif C girls that must consider her sheepskin boots in lieu of a sandal, or her gloves and coat instead of a sleeveless shift, I bring you visions of warm looks. Enjoy….

She looks kinda fire-y to me in that golden convertible dress with bright Red accessories; I love it and love that strapless mini-dress wrap…

Later, at the same par-tay, a friend of our golden girl, does a new wrap and new color of the same convertible. PS. Love that keyhole look; one of my faves for sure. Just the right amount of decolletage goes a look way!

Did we catch this Monif C Girl mid-dance move?

Update: After careful consideration, it appears as though this picture may have been taken while our Monif C Girl was directly in the middle of a rotation of the “Cabbage Patch,” a famed dance move from the mid-90s that ALL of us remember doing at least once (don’t leave me hangin, ladies…). While we can’t confirm or deny the statement for, given the arm placement and the sheer joy on our girl’s face…I mean, I think it’s a safe assessment. She has this writer’s full support, as she (I) have been known to break shamelessly and publicly into many a 90s dance move.

“Sunshine on a cloudy day” is the first thing i thought when I saw this pretty lady rockin the grey convertible with yellow accesories. Well played, indeed.


I am not ashamed to say that I am envious of these ladies and their apparent lack of need for bubble coats, or scarves or space heaters. If looking at these pictures made you yearn for a warmer climate, or a fabulous, seasonless, endlessly versatile dress consider this as an important FYI…


And yes ladies, that does include the Marilyn Convertible Dress, now 80 percent off and only $75.00! Get one while we still have a few left!

Stay Curvy…(and warm, sigh)


Monif - 12.30.07

and other important truths…

07′ will be over in a matter of hours, but we couldn’t let the year go without one last huge thank you to each you. This year has been an incredible one. My vision for creating sexy, luxurious plus size clothing began years ago (because I am convinced I came out the womb a size 16), but it became a reality in 05′ when we premiered our first collection. Since then, we have grown leaps and bounds and there is still so much more to share. Nonetheless, the things we have accomplished would never have been possible without your support, your honest feedback (how else would I know if straps are too short or armholes too long?), your style (Customers were showing me crazy, new ways to wrap the convertible) and your beauty ( They can’t tell me nothin’-no one does a dress like a Monif C. Girl, hee hee ).

In celebration of your collective amazing-umm….’ness’ (If you really believe it’s a word, then one day, it just may be…) I wanted to end this year’s blog with pics of some the most fab girls I know–you!

You know, the Danielle dress makes me feel that way too…

Julie does bold things in the Kimberley Dress

The Danielle dress makes another appearance. This time in blue for our Monif C. Girl from across the pond…

I’m fab too ;0) (Wait, how’d that get in there…)

Super-chic in the Marilyn convertible in Black with black opaque stockings…

A piece from an earlier collection gets a little edgy with a corset belt…

The Joyanne Cape Top and ruffled edge skirt take a ’9am to 5pm’ look into overtime…

Is it just me or are those fabulous, naughty shoes bringing something extra to the Selma Armhole dress?

As always, if you have pictures of yourself in your Monif. C outfits, please send them our way; we can’t wait to put you in the spotlight!

Stay Curvy in 2008 and Happy New Year,


Monif - 12.10.07

and other important truths…

My Lovlies,

The holiday season rattles forward. For some, we’re smack dab in the middle of the holidays and for others, there are a few more days to scramble—I mean shop–for loved ones. Kind, giving women that we are, we’ve got gifts for everyone on an ever-growing list, but most years we forget the girl that is most important to each of us—ourselves.

Why does ‘she’ always get the short end of the stick? As far as you are concerned, she is always loyal, always reliable and usually fairly honest with you. She’s should probably be your best friend, and yet every December, she goes gift-less for yet another year.

So, I bet your thinking “Man, Monif, what and eloquent and thoughtful argument. I think I’ll make it a New Year’s Resolution.” But then again, why wait? Why not bring in the New Year with something, well…new?

So, my end of year challenge to you? Go Gift Yourself. Go find that dress that makes you feel like every bit of yourself. You know, the one that dropped jaws and turns heads? (Yes ma’am, that one.) And rock it. Hard.

Might I submit a few marvelous suggestions?

As far as personal decadence goes, it doesn’t get much better.

As a matter of fact, since I am all for progress, all bold Monif C. girls (which, as far as I am concerned is all of you) that take on the ‘Get Gifted’ challenge, will get 50% off the not only the ‘Nelli’ Ruched Dress, but also the ‘Thalia’ Dresses until the end of the week. So, ladies, get the lead out, tee hee.

Stay Curvy (& get that girl a gift!),


Monif - 12.05.07

and other important truths…

Ladies, I bring you a tale of woe from within the walls of my own friendly boutique. One of my fabulous colleagues, Anne* has been in love with the cobalt blue convertible dress, since…well, essentially, since it was created. She has known since she saw it that it was totally for her. On Monday, she came into work, happy as always, and declared “Today is a good day to buy a convertible dress…preferably a blue one.” She walked onto the sales floor and perused the area….no blue convertibles to be found. She ran to our back stock area, and searched the shelves–blue convertible dress-less. She spun and said to our shipping manager, Diane, “Dee, where are the blue convertible dresses?!” Dee replied nonchalantly, “Oh, we sold out of it yesterday.”

Well, Anne looked like we stole her new puppy. She cried “what do you mean?” She asked Diane if she was ‘sure’ no less than 10 consecutive times. She could be seen peeking under folded stacks of clothing and into filing cabinets for the rest of the day. To this day, she is still hopeful and convinced–a blue convertible dress WILL pop-up somehow, but sadly we know the deal; Baby Girl missed out.

So, I tell you this sad cautionary tale for a reason. Don’t be that girl. Convertible dresses sell with the quickness ESPECIALLY when they are on sale, which, they currently are, m’dears.

Don’t let Anne’s story happen to you…get your dress today!

* Names have been changed to protect procrastinating colleagues.

Update: Anne has learned to live without the blue convertible dress. She is the proud new owner of a grey one, which she assures me that she loves “just a much.” She has however, changed her morning greeting from ‘Morning, you guys!” to “Any Blue ones?” Sadly for her, the answer remains a ‘no.’

Stay Curvy,