Monif - 07.01.09

Full Figured Fashion Week took place this weekend and it was AMAZING!  I was truly honored to be a part of the show.  Whenever Gwen Devoe and her team call me to do a show, I am always there.  I salute Gwen for having the courage to take on such a big undertaking and she definitely stepped to the plate.  Here are some pics from behind the scenes and from the runway!

Oh and I debuted my new hair cut!  Short for the summer!

So everyone thought my bra showing was a good look, so I left it open, don’t know if I’d do that again :-) .  “Elaine” Red Ruffle Dress, my sexy Zebra Manolos!

The host Kim Coles and I!

Brandon and I with some of the models from the show

Kim Coles again!

Brandon and one of our best customers Jazmine


Adrienne in her yellow convertible dress wrapped as a skirt and I

The 3 Muskeeters!  Just realized we are color coordinated, great minds…

2 Best Assistants in the world, Brandon and Gillian!

My intern Theresa in her teal convertible dress!


Here are some pics from the runway!  A mix of Summer and a sweet Fall preview




Click here to see more of Monif C. at Full Figured Fashion Week! There were 9 designers in the show (I think), so our pictures are from 218-275.

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