Monif - 03.08.10

Watched the Oscar’s last night once ABC/Cablevision decided they wanted to let the NYC folks get their ABC back (:side eye:)…Oscar’s boring as usual, but my girl Gabourey lit up the pre-show/red carpet!

I LOVE Gabourey…I love that she is so herself and is not allowing Hollywood to make her feel less than…those are Hollywood’s bs standards, not hers, and it’s very refreshing!

Check her out here hitting on Gerald Butler…she’s right, he’s yummy…I’d hit that too…

And what did you guys think about her dress?  I’m not a huge fan of navy, but this dress fit her beautifully. If I had it my way, it would have been in a hotter/brighter color, but she still looks fab. What do you guys think?


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