Monif - 10.31.08

I’m back snitches! LOL, it’s been a long time but I’m back. This is actually the first time I am having a real desire to blog. I guess before I was doing it because everywhere you turn you’re told, “Blogging helps business”, “Blogging builds brand recognition”, blah, blah…But now, I actually feel like I just want to talk to my folks and let you all know whatsgoinson. I am making it my goal to blog at least 3 times a week (and I want you all to hold me to this), so here goes!

2 American Idols in one day…

Well it all started on Wednesday after we sent out our latest email publicizing our current Sample Sale promotion…didn’t see it??? That’ll teach you to join our email mailing list.

As I was leaving the New York boutique, I got a call from Frenchie Davis :-) …Those that don’t remember Frenchie, she was on American Idol season 2 and later was on the Broadway Production of RENT. She called me to let me know she was coming by the sample sale (everyone loves to buy designer for less) and wanted to make sure I would be in the store. this isn’t Frenchie first foray into Monif C. clothing, here’s a shot of her wearing the Nelli Ruched Dress at some fabulous saaaaaanging event she went to :-) :

I believe she mentioned she was traveling and would be in on Election day, so I’ll be sure to post whatever fabulous things she buys for you all to see.

So then, around 3am (blank stare) I check the incoming orders (I can’t get off my computer) and I see an order from…..Mandisa Hundley :-) . For those who don’t know Mandisa was on American Idol Season 5 and later went on to do the Color Purple on Broadway (is that where they all go after Idol?) and is a Grammy nominated singer. She pre-ordered the Marilyn Convertible Dress in RED, get it girl…That’s gonna look HOT! I believe this is Mandisa’s first Monif C. outfit, so I’m happy to have her in the family!

That’s all for now, off to get ready for tomorrow’s photo shoot for the Holiday collection…

Until then, lots of love!

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