Monif - 11.05.08

So, my bestie in the plus size industry is fellow designer Gayla Bentley…Gayla has a great sophisticated line with lots of beautifully tailored jackets and dresses and she loves ruffles and RED…her signature is red lips, and every time I see her she’s got red lipstick on…

So Gayla, who’s based out of Houston, comes in twice a year and we always get together for food (gotta have food), champagne, lots of girl talk, and sometimes depending on what’s going on with our businesses some tequila and vodka shots…Yesterday we had lunch and as usual it’s just great to get together with her and share ideas and contacts and talk about fun stuff like men and jewelry. She always has ChaCha AKA her assistant Rachael with her and this time I had my ball-n-chain, with me.

We enjoyed chinese food and 4 or 5 1 or 2 Mai Tai’s…yes it was only 1pm, but it’s gotta be happy hour somewhere. Gayla, Safe Travels back home, love you hun!

Here some flicks…

Me, Gayla, and Rachael

Me and ball-n-chain

Ball-n-chain, Gayla, and I

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