Monif - 11.24.08

I know this is two lust file entries back to back, but I promise you I’m really not that materialistic :-) .

It’s just I woke up this morning and it’s dreary and raining…reminds me of London practically year round…I got some bad news about a family member (Trish, I love you cuz, keep your spirits up!), and I don’t feel like getting out of bed and going into the boutique…

So on days like this, it’s good to dream a bit right? Plus the LA Auto Show is going on right now and I LOVE Auto shows…I am not a real car-nista at heart, but I always go to the NYC Auto Show when it’s in town…so last night at 1am bored but yet oddly awake, I checked out the LA Auto Show website when I found my dream car…

I present you…

Lexus IS250C Convertible

This is a beauty, I can just see me whizzing through NYC traffic in this one…no, who am I kidding, taxi drivers would dent this thing up by the end of day 1… I’ll keep this garaged for my weekends :-)

if only it was a hybrid…well by the time I can get one, hopefully they’ll have a hybrid for me…SOLD!

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