Monif - 03.04.10

Brand Spanking NEW “Marilyn” Convertible Dress Video #3 with how-tos on how to wrap the “Marilyn” Convertible Dress!!! Are you excited??? :-)

This video has a part #1 featuring Adrienne one of our customers wrapping the convertible dress on herself for all those that worry about getting the dress and not being able to wrap it.  If you guys remember we did a whole blog post on Adrienne called the Convertible Dress Saved My Life, check it out here.  Part #2 is me showing you guys all the new convertible wraps featured on the website.

Check them out! Leave comments below letting us know how you feel about the vids.

Inventory update, if you are looking to get your convertible dress prior to the end of April, you MUST order now…Just so you guys are informed, this is our current inventory:


Short – 15

Long – 3


Short – 5

Long – 1 (YES ONE)


Short – 9

Long – 3


Short – 3

Long – 4

Fuchsia Pink (long and short) SOLD OUT until end of April (we do have a darker berry color if you would like!)

Black (long and short) SOLD OUT until end of April


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