Monif - 11.20.08

So this past Sunday, Monif C. held a customer appreciation champagne luncheon for the 40 customers that are our biggest supporters. These women consistently support the Monif C. brand and some of them have more Monif C. clothing than me! It’s important to us to acknowledge and show our appreciation for those that help our little engine that could :-) , so we had a fantastic luncheon for them on Sunday.

The luncheon was catered by a fantastic caterer out of Pennsylvania (if you are looking for a fantastic caterer that specializes in Caribbean food, email me)…add in too much champagne (and a late run for Cranberry & Vodka), red velvet cake, and shopping, and what more can you ask for!

We were so happy with the turnout…many of our customers are not even in the New York area, but you all traveled to come lunch with me, so I appreciate that!

I would like to thank my father, Duane, Brandon, Rachel, and Doris (the A team) for coming in and getting everything together! Also, thanks to Tara Taylor, makeup, and David Paul, photographer.

For those that were invited and could not come, email me, I have a special gift for you…

In the meantime, check out some of my favorite pictures from the luncheon:

Preston Bailey, eat your heart out :-)

my expressions are a mess…

Hey Deb!

Brandon, you are really enjoying that food huh?

Lisa & Mia

Me in the “Malinda” Crystal Beaded Chiffon Dress – Dusty Purple and Shantell in the Nikki Little Leopard Dress…now those are some hot plus size dresses!

Red Velvet Cake – Thanks Make My Cake!

did everyone have enough food, drinks, and shopping??? say cheese!

Thanks to all the customers that came and couldn’t come, we appreciate you!

  • Marshan P, NYC
  • Concetta D, PA
  • Mrs. Coates, NYC
  • Shantell W, NJ
  • Christine C, NYC
  • Julie J, NYC
  • Patti G, NJ
  • Tanya B, NJ
  • Bahiya W, NYC
  • Nadra W, CA
  • Chiquita W, VA
  • Jamila W, NJ
  • Katrina D, NJ
  • Roxanne C, Bermuda
  • Cheryl O, NYC
  • Shanda F, NJ
  • Josu R, MA
  • Layne E, CA
  • Tricia C, NJ
  • Jazmine W, NJ
  • Adrienne N, NYC
  • Carmen M, CA
  • Jennifer P, TN
  • Sabrina T, NJ
  • Melanie C, MA
  • Iris C, NYC
  • Lisa S, NYC
  • Audrey S, NYC
  • Tamara W, Chicago

Click here for more pictures from the Luncheon!

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