Monif - 03.22.09

Hi everyone, it’s Sunday night 11:36pm EST and I am here planning for another very busy Monif C. week. Couldn’t be more grateful for busy, so no complaints at all!!

For those that don’t know, we will be on the road this weekend to Vegas for a Monif C. Private Shopping Party. If you are in the Vegas area or will be on March 28th, email monif (at) Subject: Vegas Shopping Party for more information!

I am also tentatively planning a shopping party on May 2nd in the Washington, DC area. If you are interested, email me also at monif (at) Subject: DC Shopping party for more information!

INVENTORY UPDATE: We have 7 (yes, you read that right) Tangerine Long Convertible Dresses left, and 10 Black Long Convertible Dresses left. DO NOT HESITATE! Trust me on this one…

Curvy Girls at Sea: It’s not too late, we have less than 20 spots left! Trust me this is going to be a fantastic cruise! Click here for cruise information!

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