Monif - 11.30.08

So last Tuesday, Rachel (why do so many blog posts start with Rachel?) called me up to tell me one of her coworkers had 2 tickets to see Tina Turner at the Prudential Center Wednesday night and couldn’t go, so was offering up the tickets…I told Rachel, say no more, I’m there…

Wednesday traffic out of the city was a mess, so after heading home and getting dressed quickly, ball-n-chain and I headed over to the Prudential Center.

Now, obviously Tina Turner is not my generation…my father was actually surprised that we would want to go see her, but of course I grew up hearing my parents play her music and I can appreciate all music…and not to mention, I like my R&B mixed with a little Rock mixed with some grit in the singer’s voice, so if that’s not Tina Turner, I don’t know who is.

All I can say is Queen Tina Turner completely defines what it is to be an entertainer and she KNOWS how to put on a show. I have been to numerous concerts and I can honestly say this is the best concert I have EVER seen. Forget that this woman is 69 years young and hasn’t toured since I believe 2002 and outdance you and I, but I never knew how beautiful her voice is.

It is my arrogant humble opinion that she can sign any entertainer out these days under the table…her voice is so exceptionally strong, clear, and still has that grit we all love her for. I was truly in awe of her and loved every minute of the concert. Even wanted to go the next night, but alas it was Thanksgiving.

Here are some pics of me and ball-n-chain enjoying the show…if Tina Turner is EVER in an arena near you, run, don’t walk…you won’t regret it.

Boobs and nostrils, LOL :-)

Me in the “Nikki” Little Leopard dress

Shake that tail feather

Yes they did put that woman on a crane over the crowd

Yes she did dance down the crane in heels (my first thought was, is this broad crazy?)

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