Monif - 01.14.10

My heart is so heavy thinking about what is going on in Haiti.  This type of disaster hopefully reiterates to all of us how connected we all are as a global family.  I know there are many fantastic organizations collecting money for Haiti, I already sent money through Yele, Wyclef Jean’s charity, but I know there is more than can be done. 

The post man that picks up at our boutique is from Haiti and travels to Haiti yearly on humantarian missions.  He works directly with a church in Haiti and we are working to reach the Pastor there to send packages and money there.  If any of you guys are interested in sending down with me and the rest of the Monif C. family, leave a comment here AND email info (at)  Let’s also keep the Haitian people in our prayers.  Google set up a great link on it’s front page with all the different organizations/ways to donate, so check it out here.


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