Monif - 08.07.09

I love Monif C. customers, I really really do…I love when I get pics of Monif C. girls in action.  The only thing better than getting pics in my inbox is running into a customer in a Monif C. dress just randomly on the street or at an event, like happened the other night. I actually twitpic’d it because I was so giddy click here. Oh and click here to follow me on twitter. 

So imagine my delight when I log onto our Facebook Fan Page (I know it needs some serious updating, I’m getting on it) to see pictures of a customers wedding and she wore the “Marilyn” Long Convertible Dress – White as her wedding dress! Quite a few customers have been calling us lately to not only get white long convertibles for beach or more casual weddings, but also custom color long convertibles for bridal parties, etc. It’s really cool because most times people pick custom colors, so right now we have a black/white wedding, a fuchsia wedding party, and someone is doing chocolate brown long convertibles for their wedding party. Here are some pics of Sho! Thanks so much for sending these to me!!


All this talk of weddings lately on the blog has me a lil um…nervous…seems like a trend here…

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