Monif - 11.27.07

and other important truths…

Guess What!?

Holiday gift-giving from the universe has begun! City Search has nominated the Monif C. Manhattan boutique as a possible contender in its ‘Best of New York’ Awards! Ladies, this is huge. I can count the plus-size boutiques in the tri-state area on ONE hand. They are doing incredible work, but ours was the only one nominated.

Big picture, this is a huge step for the plus-size community. Fashion industry is slowly beginning to realize what Monif C. girls have known all along-Curves are fantastic!

So, big question–How do we win?

Answer: We can’t do it without you! Ladies, we need you to vote!

It’s simple:

Click on this link:

Vote for Monif C!

Scroll to the 8th listing (which is yours truly) and click ‘Vote’ on the left side.

As promised, super-simple!

While you’re there, feel free to leave us a review!

What’s more, observant Monif. C girls that click and vote may just find an extra holiday discount on the City Search site.

Speaking of extra holiday discounts, Free shipping on orders over $250.00 is in Full Effect-don’t miss out!

But there are definitely more fab sales coming your way–Stay tuned!

Stay Curvy,


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