Monif - 01.01.09

What a way to start the New Year! On New Year’s Eve, I received a package in the mail from Figure Magazine with a FULL Page (whoa!) article on Monif C. Plus Sizes! Wow, what an honor…Figure Magazine has in the past only featured Charming Shoppes companies (Lane Bryant, Fashion Bug, etc.), so for them to choose our company to feature in their magazine really makes my heart happy.

Our scanner was down so Gillian (one of our old interns that came back for the Holidays…for more torture), took this down to Kinkos…the scans didn’t come out that great, but I’ll hopefully get some better ones soon and get them up.

Oh and Mrs. Mia Amber:-) you are right, I do need a new headshot…when I saw the article, I said “yikes! this picture is soooooooo 2005…” Well there’s nothing like the present, let me add new headshot to the 2009 todo list :-) .

oh by the way, a little birdy wants me to tell everyone that is on our email list to CHECK YOUR EMAIL tonight for a SPECIAL um how should i say this…promo…you won’t want to miss out! And if you aren’t on our email list (how DARE you), make sure you join ASAP!


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