Monif - 12.04.09

PSA Alert! PSA Alert!

So as many of you all know the Roxie dress in Black and Red is completely sold out…Well, Brandon and I have gotten upwards of 200 calls (no exaggeration) on this Roxie dress since it sold out which prompted me to do this Public Service Announcement titled: “You Snooze, You Lose”. :-)

It’s all jokes folks, but if you ever see a Monif C. style that you love, don’t hesitate, move quickly and order because the next day you’ll log on and it will be sold out.  Then you all call and say, “Are you guys making anymore?” and then I’ve got to say “No, um…you snooze, you lose…” (I actually did tell someone that today and she bust out laughing LOL). 

Ok, that’s all…steps off soap box….

On a side note, here’s a pic of customer Chalonda in her Roxie dress (just to rub it in a little more :-)


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  1. Rohman says:

    This dress is truely beftaiuul. I have been a fan of reiss for ages; constantly buying dress and skirts mainly to wear for work and occasions. I can’t wait for this to arrive in store!

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