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"Marilyn" Short Convertible Dress -Black

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  • ONE DRESS, INFINITE POSSIBILITIES Note: All Marilyn Convertible Dresses are the same, simply order short or long and the color (or colors) you would like. These are just a few of the styles you can make with the convertible dress! The Marilyn Convertible Dress is your MUST have for the season! The most versatile dress you will ever own! This dress ties many different ways (we've counted 22 so far) including as a halter dress, dress with sleeves, skirt, baby doll top, and every other way you can imagine. All of the models featured are wearing a bra under their dresses, whether it is a full coverage bra or strapless, so you can get a great look with full support. You can wear this dress to one event and tie it a completely different way for your next event. No one will EVER know it's the same dress! Get all colors, buy one for your best friend and experiment different ways to tie it. You will love how this dress takes care of all your dressing needs this season!

    Additional Information

    Size ONE SIZE FITS ALL 8-24
    Stock Status No
    Promotional Message 40% off Everything, code: TREAT40
  • Made in the USA
    Fabric: 92% Rayon 8% Lycra
    Dry clean only
    Can wrap over 20 ways
    Fits all sizes 8 - 24
    Works for all body types including pregnant women

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"Marilyn" Long Convertible Dress -Black
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