4th of July Outfit Inspiration for Plus Size Women

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When this article comes out, we would have all already celebrated Juneteenth and by now you know summer is finally here!  That means our minds immediately turn to…what am I going to wear for July 4th?!?

Whether you are heading to the beach, staying close to home with family and friends or going all out with a barbeque cookout, looking cute is an absolute must!

Well 4th of July is right around the corner and many of us are looking for easy, comfortable but cute options for plus size women.  Believe it or not, we at Plus Size Shapes like to keep our holidays as casual as we can.  After all we’ve all got so much to handle in our lives that when we get a holiday, we just want to relax.  We don’t know about you, but we’d prefer our July 4th outfit not to be a big flag shirt with matching flag shorts.  Plus Size Women deserve more subtle and fashionable ways to show their patriotism.  We know that you want options that reflect your confidence and unique sense of style!  Search no further, Plus Size Shapes has you sis!

We found some cute alternative July 4th options that are fashionable and not cheesy. Did you know that plus size thigh high socks are great to make every outfit pop? Here are some of our favorites:

These plus size thigh high socks show your patriotism without saying a word.  Rock these Red, White and Blue stripe socks with a pair of denim blue shorts and a white tank top and you’ve got an easy trendy plus size outfit to wear to your July 4th picnic or barbeque.

Thunda Thighs red color

These red thigh high socks are the perfect addition to your wardrobe.  We love to have great signature pieces that take our outfits from ho-hum to trendy and these red thigh high socks do just that!.  How should you wear these for Independence Day celebrations?  Just add your white and blue and you’ve got a complete look.  It can be a breezy dress or a great plus size romper.  These socks will be the perfect finishing touch.

These black thigh high stockings are for the person who likes to do things their way.  You may be celebrating 4th of July but still want to make your own fashion statement.  Classic black never disappoints.  This is for the woman that wants to put on something comfortable, get in her car and go to your local park for a picnic.  We aren’t mad at you honey! Spend your holiday the way YOU want to.

So you see that to enhance your summer wardrobe, you should include signature pieces that take your outfit from blah to YES HONEY! Summer is all about grilling at home in the backyard, heading to the beach, or heading to a local festival.  It’s not about stressing over your wardrobe.  We hope you see from this list that your wardrobe can be just as fun and easy as your summer.  It’s time for plus size women to enjoy all the options of plus size clothing available to them.


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