Best of the Best: Plus Size Lingerie New Arrivals

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Hey you gorgeous plus sized fashionistas! Can you believe that we’re already a month into fall? How has the changing colors and temperatures been treating you? We are only a couple a weeks from Halloween and then the rest of the year will disappear. With Thanksgiving and Christmas around the corner we will be looking for comfort and warmth.  And while we can get comfort from our family and friends and warmth from the hearty foods of the season, there is a special comfort by having your body clothed in something that fits just right. A warmth from having your clothes, especially your intimates fit just right. Fashion is a great vehicle to express how sexy and capable you are.  Fashion let’s you switch up and show all the different sides of your personality too!  Lingerie is absolutely no exception to this.  Plus Size Lingerie can help you bring out your sweet side, sexy side, adventurous side, and kinky side.  We here at Monif C. love to be able to create gorgeous designs that help you express the fullness of your personality.  Let’s take the heat inside the house with MonifC’s new plus size sexy lingerie new arrivals to show you what we’ve recently released just for you!

plus size lingerie

 1. "Jolena" Plus Size Teddy – Monif C

Look at this gorgeous piece of plus size lingerie.  The sweet pink and black lace is the perfect plus size teddy to show off your sweet side.  The construction and design of “Jolena” is meant to hug and enhance every curve of your body. And just look at the floral print! That pink! The contrast is giving confidence, passion and energy. You’ll be sure to impress and feel the upmost confidence when you step into this teddy. Fits sizes  1X-2X and 2X-3X.

 2. "Trudi" Plus Size Lace Bodysuit - Burgundy – Monif C

Come through Trudi!  Let’s talk about everything that we LOVE about this bodysuit! The plunging neckline, the contouring body straps, the sheer material, the cute cutout in the small of the back and let’s not forget the color! This plus size bodysuit is simply gorgeous. The vibrant color is the perfect thing to spring you out of the cold doldrums of fall and winter. Just imagine it, you in this bodysuit and a nice robe, a glass a wine in front of the fireplace. Sounds like the perfect night in to me! Fits sizes  1X-2X and 2X-3X.

 3. "Josie" Plus Size Underwire Bodysuit w/Adjustable Garter – Monif C

Now who turned up the heat in here. You’re guaranteed to raise the temperature in the room when you step in dressed in Josie. The underwire of this sexy plus size bodysuit is sure to have your girls looking their best and the intricate linework draws your eyes to every curve of your body.  The vibrant colour is sure to brighten the room on the cold days ahead. And, it comes with adjustable garters so that you can pair them with a matching set of thigh highs. Sizes range from 1X-2X and 3X-4X.

 4. "Neva" Plus Size Teddy – Monif C

Look at this lovely piece of plus sized lingerie for bbw. The white mesh material accented by the pink and yellow trims give such a playful, bright and light vibe, perfect contrast to the dark and cold nature of the end of the year where we all seek some warmth. You will be sure never to disappoint dressed in Neva. Sizes range from 1X-2X and 3X-4X.


And there you have it fashionistas! These new lingerie arrivals at MonifC are guaranteed to keep you feeling stylish as you spend more time indoors this fall and winter. Be sure to take a look at all we have to offer and be sure to take those stunning IG pictures. Comment below on which piece you will be adding to your wardrobe! Until next time.  

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