How to Style Plus Size Thigh Highs and Tights

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Plus Size tights or thigh highs can amp up any outfit without effort, once styled correctly. We do understand some ladies do get a little flustered trying to put together the perfect outfit with tights. However, styling plus size tights or thigh highs isn’t hard at all! There are just a few things you need to be mindful of when putting your look together.

Check out Monif C. tips and tricks below to create the perfect outfit using our plus size tights and or thigh highs.

Where are you going?

The occasion, a very important factor. Are you going to work, a night out with friends, a special night for hubby? These factors need to be carefully considered when choosing the best plus size tights or thigh highs for the occasions. Remember, fabrics and colors play a big role in the look you’re trying to achieve, and we want you to dress the part!

Is the tights quality important? I mean is this a big thing?

Girl of course it is! Quality is just as important as design and the level of comfort any fashion piece has. Our Monif C. plus size tights and thigh highs are made from many different types of fabrics. This is because we wanted you to be able to achieve any look you’re going for. As we mentioned earlier, fabric choice is very important when putting together an outfit. All our plus size tights and thighs are very comfortable, itch free and the best part yet they stay put!

What size should I get?

On monifc.com we share a size chart for our thigh highs for you to review before purchasing. Currently, we only stock size D which fits 170-260+lbs. Our plus size tights however fit sizes L-4XL and are our more sought-after pieces due to them being more versatile in size. You should always pay close attention to the sizing before purchasing any tights as some are not one size fits all. When choosing a size, compare your body weight, height, and thigh circumference before picking a size.

How can I incorporate them into my outfit?

You can add plus size tights and thigh highs to most outfits and look amazing. Consider if you’re going for a layered look; add an oversized blazer or plus size cardigan to your look. You can even rock your plus size tights with a dress or skirt. For a skirt you can choose a crop top and then layer with a coat, it’s totally up to you. Just be mindful of the colors, patterns, and the occasion.

What shoes should I wear?

High heels and boots make any plus size tights or thigh highs look amazing. They even add a level of sexy to the look and will make someone stare, but for the right reasons! Also, if you want the illusion of longer legs, stick with shoes that are the same color as your tights or thigh highs. This trick promises to make you look much taller than usual!

Styling plus size tights and thigh highs isn’t so bad after all. Especially with the help and guidance from Ms. Monif C. herself. Fashion is constantly changing and so many new trends are being introduced to the fashion world daily by designers and customers. If you’re happy with the look and you know you look amazing that’s all that matters! Dress in a way that makes you happy and expresses who you are and your personality.

Monif C. constantly produces statement pieces for our divas to achieve whatever look they may have in mind, and we’re always open to new suggestions and ideas! To see our entire Plus Size Tights Collection and our Plus Size Thigh High Collection please check out our website, for more information and styles.

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