It’s Almost Valentine’s Day!

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It’s soon going to be Valentine’s Day! Are you ready? Have you purchased your sexy plus size lingerie? We have an amazing Valentine’s Day sale just for you! You can purchase so many amazing plus size lingerie pieces at a discounted price for a limited time! Go to monifc.com and click the “V Day Sale” tab at the top of the page to see all our discounted pieces for this Valentine’s Day! We wanted t to ensure you were able to grab your favorite Monif C. Monif C. pieces, so we’ve made them extra affordable! This flash sale is the sale of the century and will have something you and hubby will love.

In this sale we have so many different plus size lingerie for you to choose from. There are plus size bodystockings and plus size bodysuits all available in red and black. We know some of our babes don’t love the red color and that’s totally fine! We made sure to include something for all our dolls. Whether you’re a red or black lover or if you prefer to plus size bodysuit over a plus size bodystocking.

Available are sexy plus size lingerie with rhinestone detailing, a very well-loved detailing by our loyal customers. Ever since we’ve launched our Glitz and Glamour Collection back in December 2019, we have received so many requests for us to create more rhinestone designs and we are listening! If you’re looking for any of these pieces check out Plus Size Sexy Bodystocking Deja; a red hot number full toed sexy rhinestone bodystocking or you can checkout Plus Size Sexy Bodystocking: Shannel; a red plus size bodystocking dress, our course with rhinestones. This one has been a favorite over the years! We also have the Plus Size Sexy Bodysuit: Nia; another red piece with rhinestones but instead this one is a sexy plus size bodysuit.

What is a plus size bodysuit you might ask? Monif C.’s plus size bodysuits is like latars but for plus sized women. Some of them are made of leather such as the Plus Size Sexy Bodysuit: Sasha which isn’t on sale but is another well love Monif C. plus size bodysuit and is currently one of our best sellers.

As we’ve said earlier, we also have some sexy plus size lingerie available in black and some of these styles are customer favorites and best sellers! We’re talking about styles like the Plus Size Sexy Bodystocking: Giuliana; a hot, sexy plus size bodysuit that is also well loved and is one of Monif C.’s favorites as well. Or even the Plus Size Sexy Bodysuit: Artemesia; this sexy plus size bodysuit is actually like a boy shorts at the bottom and is well loved by our customers because of it’s uniqueness. There are so many more black pieces on site you really need to check out right now!

We hope our Flash Sale for Valentine’s Day will fit into your budget this Valentine’s Day and make it easier for you to find the perfect piece to spice up your plans. We know hubby will love you in your sexy plus size lingerie from Monif C. and will can’t get enough of you. We also know you’ll love the confidence, increased sex drive and extra attention your Monif C. pieces will give you! Be sure to share his first thoughts as well as yours with us! We love to hear your stories; therefore, we try our best to make our Monif C. plus size lingerie as affordable as possible.

Shop this sale now at MonifC.com before it ends, Monif C. has got you covered this Valentine’s Day and that’s a promise. 😊

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