Monif C.’s Styling Tips for Plus Sized Women

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Many years Monif C. has been working with plus sized women to create amazing and captivating looks at affordable prices. We’ve styled many plus size ladies whose confidence levels were low and were subjected to body shaming. Over the years we didn’t just create great fitting and amazing quality clothing. We’ve also rebuilt self confidence levels and changed the plus size industry forever.

Monif C. understands the struggle many plus size women face and it can be difficult trying to find sexy plus size clothing. As you know, we’ve created thousands of versatile looks over the years within our clothing line. However, we have discontinued our clothing line due to numerous supplier issues and personal reasons of the CEO herself Monif Clarke.  We understand the call for us to rethink this decision especially with there not being many plus size designers out there who are still producing beautiful and sexy plus size clothing.

Nevertheless Monif C. is still here to help! We’ve created a list with some very important factors to consider when shopping for Plus Size clothing. Whenever you need a new outfit, regardless of the occasion check this list out to make sure you’ve checked the basics.

Firstly, understand your body type. There are some styles or designs that work well with all body types and then some that look a bit strange on others. Once you figure out your body type then research styles that accentuates your body type.

Examples of Body types are:

Pear/Triangle Shape: The widest at the hip

Apple/Inverted Triangle Shape: the widest at the waist/stomach

Hourglass Shape: The bust and hip measurements are close to the same with a smaller waist

Column/Rectangle Shape: The bust, waist, and hip measurements are all close to the same.

These body types are all beautiful and unique in their own way. Never be ashamed of your body type, only embrace it to the fullest! You are beautiful no matter what!

Secondly, know your measurements. This is super important! Not only for the overall look of the completed outfit but also for comfort. No one likes to be uncomfortable and a garment too tight or too big can be uncomfortable and unpleasing to the eye. They are some key measurements you should always have right.

Key measurements:

Bust: This is the largest part of your chest, be sure to measure while wearing a bra.

Waist: Bend over to one side and look for where your body bends. That’s your natural waist.

Hip: Stand with your feet together and measure the widest part of your hip.

With these measurements correct your shopping trip will be so much easier and you’ll pick out the best sexy plus size clothing for your body type.

Thirdly, Shoes and accessories. No outfit is completed without shoes and accessories. These are like the salt and pepper to this fashion mix! Great fitting and comfortable shoes compliment any outfit. However, don’t go too crazy on the accessories. In some cases, less is more. Always consider the occasion and your general personality.

Lastly, Undergarments sis and Monif C.’s got you here. Your underwear is essential. Some print through certain fabrics not only by color but the actual material itself. No one should be seeing your undies – Unless you want them to 😉

amazing plus size lingerie

Investing in high quality plus size lingerie is the best choice to avoid embarrassment and fashion errors. As we always say, consider the occasion and the actual outfit. You can even do a try on of the outfit before “get ready time” to ensure everything looks great and that you’re comfortable as well. Check out our lingerie section on monifc.com for amazing plus size lingerie for your next outfit.

In this list we’ve touched on the four essential tips we think you need to consider when styling any outfit but there are many others you can consider. If you keep these four in mind, you’ll be great. If you have any plus size styling questions, send them our way. We’ll be happy to help! Happy Shopping!

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