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Yes! Monif C. is currently retailing amazing Thunda Thighs for an affordable price! We have range in many different colors and designs, some with very intricate detailing and others simple but still will make a statement!

These Thunda Thigh Socks will give that extra pizzaz to any look. They are a bit thicker than our plus size tights which in return will not only amp up your look but keep your legs warm! Styling these Thigh high socks are super easy and frustration free. Pair them with a coat, dress-shirt or even a skirt if you dare. Monif C.’s tights and thigh high collections will accomplish the look you want to achieve! Check out our blog on How to Style Plus Size Thigh Highs and Tights for more unique tips.

Currently we have many winter friendly colors available which will go great with the season. Thunda Thigh socks are super woolie, soft, comfortable and itch free. An awesome accessory to pair with your outfits and look cute while staying warm. These babies are softer than a cable knit sock with a taller, plusher, wide fit, and they won’t cut off the circulation to your juicy thighs. Thunda Thighs over-the-knee, thigh high socks are built for comfort with a thick knit to keep your thick thighs warm in the coldest of seasons. Say goodbye to less than comfortable tights that dig into your waist and run in two seconds. Slip on durable, cute socks that rise high and elongate all of your lusciousness. 

Thunda Thighs were created by someone just like you, for someone just like you. They understand the “everything hurts, and I’m dying to breathe” feeling all too well. We created these socks with your juicy thighs in mind. After all, a curvy goddess like yourself deserves accessories that punctuate and accent every ounce of your scrumptiousness.

Thunda Thighs’ socks are 36 inches in length, stretch up to 42 inches (yes, you read correctly) and are recommended: For upper thighs that measure 27-40 inches. They are made of 100% brushed acrylic, machine washable in cold water only, please tumble dry on the lowest setting, wash inside out to prevent damage, and finally please do not bleach them.

We’ve also included the Thunda Thighs Sock Glue for extra security. Are your thigh high socks sliding down instead of staying up? While everyone may not experience droopy sock syndrome, for those of us that do, this adhesive is your way to combat that. This body adhesive is sweatproof and steadfast enough to lock those socks in place precisely on juicy legs.

Hold Up Body Adhesive secures the sock to your thighs with a lightweight, roll-on application. It’s gentle, hypo-allergenic, latex-free, and won’t stain your socks. This adhesive isn’t a stiff hairspray hold either; it’s a flexible hold that special effects make-up artists use to hold wigs, toupees, and prosthetics in place. If the drag queens approve and use it, you know our thick thighs can use it too.

Application and removal are easy as pie. Roll a bit on your thigh, give it a minute to set, then gently lay your sock right over the glue, and voila! To remove the glue, just use a gentle towel or washcloth and warm, soapy water.

We’ve even added The Thunda Tighs Plus Size Thigh Belt to Monifc.com. This garter belt (SOLD AS A PAIR) won’t leave a welt on your Thunda Thighs because they’re made with a little extra for all your lusciousness.

If you’re a queen that has experienced the stay-up struggle, but don’t want to fool with body adhesive, these are just what you need. They’re discreet, stretchy, and easy to use!

For our visual learners, look at our step-by-step guide to achieving stay up thigh highs. And for those that prefer to read instructions, here’s your how to:

  •         Fasten buckle on your thigh, just above your knee
  •         Slide garter up to your desired resting place
  •         Tighten buckle to fit snugly

Once you slide this on, you’ll forget it’s even there! Rock your Knit Thigh High Socks with Confidence and Do You Boo! 

Love Thunda Thighs? Go to our website monifc.com now to purchase your hot plus size thigh high socks, glue and belt. Hurry they are moving quickly!

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