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We’ve been receiving so much love and support for our Plus Size tights we had to expand our collection! Thanks so much to all of you for your continuous love and support you’ve given us over the years. Your support is a great inspiration and one of the biggest reasons we continue to keep our brand going! Thank You.

Plus size tights collection

Now, to add to our plus size tights collection we’ve added five more hot styles we think you will love. Each style has a different flare and zest to it to fit each diva’s personality or occasion. Let’s introduce you to these new hot styles!

  1. Carie – Carie is a see-through plus size tights with large diamond cut outs. This netty plus size tights is super cute and sexy. It can be paired with so many outfits and is super easy to style! This plus size tights will add a layer of edge to any outfit in seconds.
  2. Chelsea – Chelsea is one of new plus size tights with loads of detailing. These plus size tights feature designs/patterns in the wait area of the tights and on the legs. With this much detailing you can pair these plus size tights with a simple outfit to accentuate these hot tights!
  3. Chloe – Chloe features a leopard design that is super sexy and sultry. Pair these plus size tights with any look and you’ll be surprised the sex appeal you’ve created! These are also great to pair with your Monif C. plus size lingerie.
  4. Kalisha – Yes! We listened! Kalisha are red plus size tights that are, you guessed it crotchless. So many of you have requested crotchless tights and we’ve decided to design a hot pair just in time for Valentine’s Day. These plus size tights aren’t only crotchless and red, but they are high wasted and feature a super cute cut out detailing to the front. You will definitely complete the assignment this Valentine’s Day with this plus size tights!
  5. Chantelle – Chantelle is our final new addition to our plus size tights collection, and she promises to be amazing. These plus size tights fit at the ankle and have a lace detailing which falls right above your ankles. It features vertical lines going all the way down, it’s see-through and just sexy. This light weight plus size tights is super sexy and can be worn on a night out or into town. Chantelle will definitely sexify any outfit very easily.

Now, tights are the ultimate fashion accessory you can add to any outfit to make it more beautiful. We often underestimate tights and their greatness and tights do play a very important part in our outfits during Winter. Not only do they keep us warm, but they protect our legs and thighs from the world’s elements and of course sexifies any outfit. With that being said, Why would you NOT wear tights??

Each of our plus size tights features different designs and patterns and are suitable for hundreds of outfit combos. Whether you’re heading to work, a night in the town or even a date night with hubby, these plus size tights will fit into any plus size outfit you’re putting together.

Monif C.’s plus size tights are super lightweight and are made with excellent itch free fabric. They fit sixes large to 4x and stretch to your body’s natural curves. We assure you you’ll find great plus size tights on our website that you’ll love for any occasion. Hurry tho! Our plus size tights go really fast, and we don’t usually restock the same styles. Shop now at monifc.com.

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