New Plus Size Tights For the Holidays

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Hey, you plus size fashionistas! Can you believe it? Christmas it but days away. I know that with all the hustle to make sure your love ones have the gifts that they want and planning the most epic of Christmas day feasts you may not have thought about anything for yourself (look at you, you selfless queen) but with the countdown to Christmas on, I think that it’s time for you to buy something for yourself and I think I have the perfect stocking stuffer; tights.  Yes, those sexy pieces used to link outfits together and to enhance your nightime wardrobe.  Here are a few of my suggestions for the season.

Amanda Argyle Glitter Fishnet Plus Size Tights

"Amanda" Argyle Glitter Fishnet Plus Size Tights – Monif C

Amanda is a sparkling pair of fishnets for that classic look with just a bit of flair. The wide diamond pattern with tight mesh weaving provides the perfect balance of style, sheer and sex appeal. Buy it now and pair it with anything ( its definitely little black dress approved) or it can be for the future ( after the drudgery of winter is finally over. ) You can get these plus size stockings in size XL – 4X.

 Toni Patterned Fishnet Plus Size Tights

"Toni" Patterned Fishnet Plus Size Tights – Monif C

Toni  is another pair of gorgeous fishnet tights .Just look at the side cut out. Perfect for “spicy time” use.  The bold pattern makes it also a perfect fit for the office wear or that special get together when you want to take your outfit to the next level. These tights are definitely  “Little black dress  and high heels approved ”.You can get this plus size tights in size XL – 4X.


"Sandra" Diamond Textured Plus Size Tights – Monif C

Sandra takes the traditional look of a pair of fishnet tights and takes it up a notch by interlacing a strong diamond pattern for a chic, perfect for the office look. The textured tights will feel great on you as you go through your day as you slay . You can get this plus size pantyhose in size XL – 4X.


"Dahlia" Red Plus Size Tights – Monif C

Look at Dahlia with its vibrant red color.  Wouldn’t it make for a nice part of a sexy Mrs. Claus outfit? Great for a holiday party with friends.  The large cut out gives the stockings the look of being attached by a garter, perfect for spicing up your valentines day outfit (No, its not too early to be thinking about V-Day.. ok?)  Whatever you choose to style it with, Dahlia is sure to impress. You can get these plus size tights in size XL – 4X.


"Lisa" Garter Plus Size Stockings – Monif C

Lisa, Lisa, Lisa. This might just be my favorite pair of tights we have on the site. These plus size thigh high socks have a faux garter, making them the perfect partner for work or play.  The tight mesh that gives way to lovely, embroidered design is sure to mesmerize all who see it. You can get these plus size tights in size XL – 4X.

 And there you have it. Our list of new plus size tights for the holidays. I know it might a bit late to get them for the big day but gifts for yourself can come anytime right? Bes sure to check out MonifC.com for these and other little gems to spice up your wardrobe. Until next time.

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