Sexy Plus Size Body Stockings: Rhinestone Edition

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Here at Monif C. we love to bring the glam and sparkle! We love it so much we had to make a plus size bodystocking Rhinestone Collection just for our valued customers aka you! This collection consists of black and red plus size bodystockings and bodysuits, all fit for any occasion. This collection checked all the boxes for many of our divas and is still one of the most purchased collections to date.

Check out our plus size bodystocking Rhinestone collection below. After seeing these pieces, we know you’ll get the excitement!


This firey red plus size body stocking promises to make your partner go CRAZY! Deja gives full coverage with full side detailing and the best part is she’s crotchless! This piece is super sexy and elegant at the same time. With the added rhinestones it truly makes Deja a showstopper!


Taylor is the black number to the plus size bodystocking Deja. We had to create this style in two colors because it’s too gorgeous! If you prefer black which is totally sexy as well, we have an option for you in the same style. Also, the rhinestones appear much brighter and shinier on the black due to the contrast of colors.


Nia is a plus size bodysuit which comes in red and this piece only fits size L-2XL. We’d recommend bodysuits for our ladies who prefer a bit less fabric and more support. Nia snatches the body and has you looking so good you’ll never want to take this piece off!


Tiana is a black plus size bodysuit with rhinestones over the bust area only. Why didn’t we add rhinestones all over you might ask? Well, we wanted to create a piece that has bling but not too much as well as provide an option for our ladies who don’t like so much bling. Nevertheless, although this piece has less rhinestones than most, the reduced stones act as the wow factor to this piece and makes it look so sexy!


The ultimate plus size bodystocking – dress! Adorned with gorgeous rhinestones and in red, there’s nothing not to love about this sexy piece! Shannel is a dress which guarantees ultimate comfort. Easy access? Shannel will ace that assignment.


Trinity is another plus size bodysuit that features gradients of sheer designs. Toward the crotch area is doubled line which appears darker, whereas the top is much sheerer. This piece is quite like Nia but still has slight variations. Trinity will keep your body looking right and ready for playtime or if you’re adventurous, pair it with a jeans and coat and do you girl!


Gabrielle is a full plus size bodystocking with rhinestones of course but this piece also features a garter design. It’s crotchless and the leg pieces act as connected thigh highs which gives one full, hot, and sexy plus size bodystocking! Accessibility and this piece are the best of friends, your partner will never want or need to take this one off!

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend and what is a better way than to add them to your lingerie? These pieces are extremely gorgeous and sexy; photos don’t do them justice! However, we do advise our ladies to be extra gentle when washing to prevent pulling and snagging which will cause the rhinestones to drop off. Please handwash all your pieces from our plus size bodystocking Rhinestone Collection and hang in a cool place to dry.

Never roughly fold them or ball them up, treat them as if they are special because they are. Afterall your underwear is one of your top priorities!

Send us a message and let us know your thoughts on this collection as well as what you’d like to see next!

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