Should I buy lingerie for my gf on Valentine’s Day?

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Hey guys! Great to see you! We know it can be a bit challenging choosing a style for your lady. With all the different style types, sizes, colors and then having to consider will she like it? No worries! Monif C. is here to help this Valentine’s Day!

We know when choosing you’ll consider what you like to see her in but try to meet each other halfway. For instance, you may prefer something that is almost nothing – she’s basically naked but she may prefer to cover up some of her body. You can try the plus size sexy bodysuit: Sasha. This piece is so sultry and instancing. Lots of skin is showed but not too much. She’ll feel confident and in charge while looking amazing just for you!

Maybe you prefer her to cover it up and indulge with her plus size lingerie on. Listen, we get you! Monif C. has many plus size bodysuits and bodystockings available we can recommend that will help achieve this fantasy. You can try the plus size sexy bodystocking: Clarise. Clarise is so hot we guarantee both of you will love this design. This plus size sexy bodysuit is also crotchless! Yes you read that correctly. C r o t c h l e s s. Easy access and no need to take it off. You can enjoy your lady and this hot plus size bodystocking both at the same time!

No, what if you just don’t know what to buy and just need recommendations that we believe will compliment your plans. No worries we will find something for you. Are you a dress kind of guy? Or is she a dress kind of girl? If yes, we’d recommend our plus size sexy bodystocking dress: Shannel. Shannel is a unique design, being not just a bodystocking but also a dress. Shannel is super comfy, stretchy, and sexy. Your girl can even rock Shannel as a throw over if she’d like at the beach, all up to you. Also, this piece features gorgeous rhinestones, that glisten and shine in the night; the perfect addition to any romantic rendezvous.

We understand if you’re not a lover of shine but may still want to get your spouse a bodystocking dress. That’s totally cool too! In this case, check out our plus size sexy bodystocking dress: Jessa. Jessa is short, cute and seductive! You won’t be disappointed with this style, that’s for sure!

It will also help if you have a little chat with your spouse if it’s a surprise find a way to talk about it without her figuring out what you’re up to. Yes, lingerie shopping can be tricky, but it can also be exciting and fun! Pay attention to your lady, take note of specific lingerie styles she goes to most when purchasing plus size sexy lingerie. Take note of the styles she feels most sexy or dominate in. Trust us if you pay attention you’ll notice. Of course, if you’re still stuck you can reach out to our friendly and helpful customer support team, and we will gladly help you find the best piece for your Valentine’s Day extravaganza!

Remember, don’t beat yourself up too much if the plus size sexy lingerie you bought from Monif C. isn’t exactly what your spouse would have chosen. We guarantee both of you will enjoy each other’s company and make the most out of this well thought out and planned sensual evening you’ve thought of and put together. Let us know what you’re planning this Valentine’s Day, we’re super excited to be a part of it!


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