The Ultimate Guide to Choosing the Perfect Plus Size Swimsuit

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Choosing the perfect plus size swimsuit can be a daunting and horrible experience for some curvy women, especially if in their opinion they have problematic areas they would like to hide. Years ago, it was thought that plus size women should stick to dark colors like black and clothing that covers most of their body to hide their size. Thankfully today, that is a thing of the past and more beautiful, curvy, plus sized women are embracing their bodies and shapes.

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Now, when choosing a plus size swimsuit there are a few important key factors you should put into consideration before making a purchase. Let’s jump right into our list and get you the perfect fitting plus size swimsuit!

Occasion: Where are you going?

I know your thinking What does she mean? It’s a swimsuit, of course I’m going to the beach, like duh! Hold up girl, when we talk about occasion, we’re not only talking about the beach. Are you looking for a plus size swimsuit for a pool/beach party? Is it a family vacation? Is it a baecation? These are all important questions you need to think about before making your purchase to ensure you’re dressed appropriately for any beach/pool event.

The Fit: Do you prefer a tight-fitting swimsuit, or do you like a bit of extra room?

Some divas like their swimsuits to be tight in some areas and a bit more room in others; that’s totally fine and understandable. You may have a big butt and tiny boobs or vice versa but based on your body type/shape it’s possible to have specific fitting requirements. Monif C.’s plus size swimsuits enhances any body shape and with the built-in body contouring technology your plus size swimsuit from Monif C. will snatch where needs to be snatched!

The Color: What design and or color are you looking for?

Of course, the actual color is extremely important. Sometimes finding great looking and functional plus size swimsuits can be extremely difficult and is very likely to find swimsuits without all the features you’re looking for. Choosing the right color can also enhance the swimsuit on your skin tone. We recommend choosing colors that complement your natural skin tone. Monif C. guarantees your body will be doing that plus size swimsuit justice and not the other way around.

The Size: What size should you choose?

Selecting the correct size when shopping for a plus size swimsuit is extremely important. Also, some brands sizing is slightly different from others which can become confusing when purchasing swimsuits online or even in store. If you can, it’s always best to try on the swimsuit before you make the purchase. However, if you’re purchasing one of Monif C.’s plus sized swimsuits you can go by your dress size to ensure its the correct size for you.

The Price Tag: How much are you willing to pay?

Price is a very important factor when shopping all together. However, for body loving plus size swimsuits, you must be open to spending a few extra coins. Remember, you’re not looking for any swimsuit, you’re looking for a plus size swimsuit made just for you! At Monif C. all our plus size swimsuits are made specifically for plus sized women. We understand and know the daily struggles plus size women face when shopping and made it a mission to only produce flattering, functional and affordable plus size swimsuits.

The Fabric Type: Does this really matter?

Yes, it does! Choosing the right material can make a swimsuit much more comfortable for swimming activities. Comfort is always a priority for Monif C. and our swimsuits are made from Nylon/Spandex which will make swimming and beach activities as comfortable as can be!

By following this guide, we promise you, you’ll find the ultimate plus size swimsuit. Monif C. is constantly constructing new ideas based on customer requests and the current fashion trends. Have an idea? Email us at info@monifc.com with your plus size swimsuits requests!

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