Top 5 Black Fishnet Stockings

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Hey, you plus sized fashionista out there. No matter the season, every outfit needs the absolute perfect accessories to really make it pop.  You know, the ones that just “make” the outfit. And that is no different for Fall.

fishnet lingerie

The Halloween parties will give way to Thanksgiving, and Christmas and New Year’s. I don’t know about you but for me nothing pulls together a look more than a nice pair of plus size stockings. Fishnets, patterned tights, black stockings; these plus size tights are just the piece to take your outfit to a whole ‘nother level.

Plus size fishnet lingerie

MonifC.com has just what you need to pull of that fabulous look for your next night out. Today we are going to highlight a crowd favorite; black plus size fishnets.  Fishnets are a classic pair of plus size tights that scream sexy and just do something to complete your look!  Here are five of our favorites.

There is nothing quite like a classic pair of fishnets tights, is there? They just give classic and classy sex appeal. The strong cross-hatch pattern is super strong and resistant to rips and frays, a perfect workhorse pair for everyday outings. Given the season, these are the perfect addition to your Halloween outfit (Morticia Adams anyone!) for a sultry gothic look. Fits sizes XL-4X.

Isn’t this pattern just gorgeous? This pair of black plus size tights just gives bossy, CEO energy. Tell me you wouldn’t feel like if you ruled the world in a pair of these! With a great balance of coverage, these are perfect everyday tights. Leave your other plus size black stockings in the draw and take these out for a spin. Fits sizes XL-4X.

Now look at these tights . This pattern is just so playful. The intricate design of these tights are a feast for the eyes, always something new to see and discover! These are your next pair of fun patterned plus size tights. I usually pair them with something flashy; maybe a hot vintage Monif C. convertible dress or a cute top and skirt combo for a night out on the town. Fits sizes XL-4X.

Sandra takes the traditional look of a pair of fishnet tights and takes it up a notch by interlacing a strong diamond pattern for a chic pair of plus size stockings, perfect for an office look. The textured tights will feel great on you as you go through your day as you slay! These are sure to take your outfits up a notch. Fits sizes XL-4X.

Aren’t these another pair of exquisite plus size tights? Like the Mona,  Meg sports a totally funky  pattern within a fishnet stocking design. Onlookers won’t be able to keep their eyes off of these great tights because the pattern just gives the eyes so much to see! I particularly like the sections with the faux plus size garter lines; such a playful touch! Fits sizes XL-4X.


That’s it for now! I’m sure that any of these five plus size stockings will find their way straight into your closet rotation to give your style a refresh. And each of these tights listed are under 20 dollars! At those prices, these are an absolute steal. Buy one; buy them all and breathe a bit of fresh air into your style today with MonifC. We can’t wait to see your photos!

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