Why Plus Size Bodysuits are a Versatile Addition To Your Wardrobe?

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How you gorgeous plus sized fashionistas! How has the season been treating you? I know that there will be a lot of parties and social events coming up on the calendar and we as fashionistas always want to be the ones slaying at the get togethers. In previous posts we’ve talked about how plus size tights and plus size bodystockings can fit into your outdoor wear as well as those hot nights in. But what about plus size bodysuits? To me they are the perfect staple piece to create many an outfit. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at a few of these plus size bodysuits from MonifC and see how you can work them into your outwear.

Plus Size Bodysuits

Janice : Plus Size Floral Bodysuit – Monif C

Janice is one of our customer bestsellers!  She’s definitely here to help you serve body. The satin black border matched with the sheer black straps goes beautifully into a sheer black mesh body. Of course, this plus size floral bodysuit is perfect for date night in also! If you want to wear this bodysuit for a night out on the town, try these options.  1) this body suit as your top under a sexy but bossy plus size pantsuit together or 2) with a pair of plus size jeans and a shrug jacket for a cute but chic look, perfect for several of the parties in this holiday season. Fits Sizes: 1X-2X, 3X-4X.


Pamela : Plus Size Ruched Floral Bodysuit – Monif C

We love the floral print on “Pamela”!  This plus size lace bodysuit is absolutely stunning. The intricacy of the flower and leaf pattern attracts the eyes to every curve of your body. This plus size ruched floral bodysuit would be great to surprise your partner at the door in but for outside I think it would match perfectly with a pair of jeans or a plus size pencil skirt and a very short top to let the intricate pattern of the mid-riff to enhance the outfit. Fits Sizes: 1X-2X, 3X-4X.


Nima : Plus Size Bodysuit w/Detachable Chain Straps – Monif C


Nima is a perfect plus size black bodysuit because she is giving so much sass.  When I look at this plus size bodysuit, I get a little plus size BDSM feel with this.  All you would need is a whip and some thigh high boots and you have the perfect Halloween costume right here!  Outside of Halloween though, the satin finish of the bodysuit makes it perfect to be worn as a top. Make it your own, with or without the chain, by pairing this with a classy black skirt/pants with a white jacket.  This outfit is perfect for a night out after a stuffy business meeting. Fits Sizes: 1X-2X, 3X-4X.


Trudi : Plus Size Lace Bodysuit - Burgundy – Monif C

Can you guess what makes Trudi plus size lace bodysuit an absolute knockout star! The COLOR!  The color of this piece of plus size lingerie is absolutely gorgeous. Between the plunging neckline, the contouring body straps, the sheer material, the lace, and the cute cut out in the small of the back, “Trudi” is definitely a winner. Fits Sizes range from 1X-2X and 2X-3X.


I hope that you can see that these bodysuits don’t have to be relegated to just spicy bedroom wear. With a bit of imagination, you can use a bodysuit in your everyday wear. MonifC has the perfect plus size bodysuit for you. Be sure to take a look at all we have to offer and be sure to take those stunning IG pictures. We’ll be looking for them!

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